Frost Titan
Level: 80
XP: 1,742
Gold: 582
Element: Ice
Power: 1
HP: HP Needed
MP: MP Needed
Combat Defence
Melee: 41
Ranged: 41
Magic: 31
Strength: 180
Dexterity: 40
Intellect: 0
Endurance: 180
Charisma: 0
Luck: 0
Element Modifier
Fire: 130%
Water: 80%
Wind: 80%
Ice: 50%
Earth: 100%
Energy: 110%
Light: 110%
Darkness: 100%
Massive warriors who threaten all who journey into or too near homeland of Jontenhom in the great north, Frost Titans have been known to eat men and pick their teeth with human ribs.

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