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Gaiden Cartwright
Race: Vesperian
Gender: None
Affiliation: None
Appears in: Bizarre Flecks Saga, Absol-ution Saga
Location: N/A

Gaiden Cartwright is Ryuusei Cartwright's biological son who was raised by his analog, whom he regards as his father instead.

Appearance and Personality

Gaiden sports a similar look to that of his father, though much more scruffier looking. Gaiden regards the alternate Ryuusei as his father instead, although not connected by blood. He is shown to distinguish Ryuusei and Cartwright, referring to the first as "Dad" and the latter as "Father". Despite having never met Absolix, he also considers him as his brother, though a misguided one.



Born to Ryuusei Cartwright and an unnamed woman(*), Gaiden was shortly taken to an alternate Terra by Lisa with Cartwright's allowance, though not after Cartwright ensured that he could always watch over his analog by binding each other together.

There, Gaiden was raised by the alternate Ryuusei as if he was his own son, having hidden the truth about his parentage to him and everyone else (only Lisa and him knowing the truth.)

At an unspecified time, during Gaiden and his father's interdimensional travels, he met Galrick, Lkeas, Diviara and Amilara Celegra, with whom he became friends.

The Search

Following the discovery of his illness, Ryuusei sets out to find his dark analog, so he can take care of their son, should he not be able to.

However, their journey suffered a setback, as Gaiden was kidnapped by Xitra Regeirk during an encounter, and was corrupted. He broke free of his control shortly after, thanks to the collaboration by the two Ryuuseis, Amilara and Diviara, who used the Cold simultaneously on him.


The Bizarre Flecks Saga

The Hall of Memories - Darkovian Wing

Absol-ution Saga

  • Absol-ution Part I - The D.E.N.N.I.E. Phantom
  • Absol-ution Part II - A NightMare From the Depths of Dreams
  • Absol-ution Part III - Finding Absolution
  • Absol-ution Part IV - War for Absolution!


His weapon of choice is a large katana. As a guest, he deals Water damage and can heal you.