Gatta BURP Slayer
Level: 93
XP: 1600
Gold: 533
Element: Fire
Power: Power Needed
HP: HP Needed
MP: MP Needed
Combat Defence
Melee: 65
Ranged: 35
Magic: 35
Strength: 65
Dexterity: 240
Intellect: 50
Endurance: 55
Charisma: 0
Luck: 55
Element Modifier
Fire: 90%
Water: 95%
Wind: 110%
Ice: 100%
Earth: 40%
Energy: 100%
Light: 100%
Darkness: 100%
This is a Gatta BURP Slayer, an elite Gatta Huntress, who hunts the most delicious of all prey. She is a dangerous foe, capable of taking down a Rabid BURP in a single combat, and unlike her sisters, she isn't afraid of water. The BURP explosion has lured her to the mainland.
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