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Brother, I have always loved you, even in the darkest times. Please help us.
Giliara Celegra
Race: Brilhado
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Unity
Appears in: The Devourer Saga, The Hall of Memories
Location: Deceased

Giliara is the brother of Diviara, The'Galin's General. Despite this fact, Giliara was on of few Brilhado who had resisted The'galin and did not approve of his fellow Brilhado's doing. He carries with him a lesser light orb.


Refuge in Deren

During the ritual of initiation into The Network, Giliara managed to escape and he headed for Deren. Believing that it was a place of unsurpassed racial harmony and was his best chance for shelter. Unfortunately, he ran into a very ill-tempered Akriloth partway through his flight. Heavily injured, he reached the city, flew over the wall and managed, "I come in peace," before falling unconscious. Darin rescued him from the ensuing angry mob and took him to the castle, where he and Tralin tried to figure out what to do. When Giliara awoke he pleaded with Tralin for refuge, but Tralin was in a difficult position: he couldn't alienate his subjects further but he didn't wish to dishonor Draynor's memory by simply handing Giliara over to them either. He decided to make a way for Giliara to flee the city without losing their faith in him, but Darin pulled him aside and convinced him to instead try to turn Giliara into a hero by enlisting him in the Derenien military.

The Light Lord's Communicant

Some time later it was decided that Giliara and Darin should first attempt to open the Light temple in Neld, which had been sealed with the coming of the undead war. The seal could only be opened by a Communicant of the Light Lord, a position Giliara was uniquely qualified to fill given that his race was originally created as the Light Lord's personal guard. The ritual he performed when they arrived ended in him vanishing in a flash of bright light leaving but a single feather behind. Darin, thinking Giliara had been destroyed, found himself going to the Water temple where he had been a Communicant himself and was surprised to find that the Water Lord was still speaking with him. Darin explained what he thought had happened, but the Water Lord questioned Giliara's end and told Darin to return to the temple courtyard. He was greeted by a "sudden explosion of force and light" and a mysterious robed woman who told him his coming was anticipated and led him into the depths of the temple. Giliara, looking better than ever, met him and, when the woman was brought up, assured Darin that the temple was empty...

Battle at the Deep

When the two of them got back to Derin they found Tralin gone and waited for his return from K'eld Ner with Cerin and Myr. The first sign of it was an army of Drakel marching from K'eld Ner that turned out to be under Tralin's direction. Tralin transported himself into the chamber in which they were discussing this and informed them of the situation: as the K'eld was part of the Kingdom of Deren he had assumed control of it, and though he already had a T'palo (a type of Drakel emissary) stationed there the city needed a governor as well. Darin's familiarity with the language and culture of the Drakel, and their T'palo (his friend Jano), as well as his skill as a tactician made him the man of choice. Giliara heralded Tralin's visit to the K'eld some time later. When Darin returned from another world following an unsuccessful attempt to rescue Myr, Giliara was there to greet him. Darin, under the impression that the other Brilhado had discovered the location of K'eld Ner, told Giliara that he needed to see Tralin, but Giliara informed him that Tralin had left for Ner. Darin got Giliara to fly him to the K'eld but, as the city came into view, Darin realized that he had been tricked: they hadn't yet learned the location of Ner, they were following him to it! So Giliara flew them past the K'eld and into the deep wilderness beyond the mountain gate, where they could lose their pursuit in the woods and get into the city from the reverse. While they did manage to shake off their pursuers the Brilhado began ravaging the countryside, intending to capture the K'eld in the battle that ensued. Words were exchanged, and Tralin and co. found Myr standing against them. Myr and some of the army, with the battle to cover them, escaped into the mountain where the Deep, a reservoir of raw creation, lay. After cleaning up the mess left by the battle, Tralin, Darin, Giliara and several others left in pursuit. Within, Giliara confronted his brother Diviara...

Giliara's Fate

When the time came to recover the shattered Creation Orb, Tralin had Giliara summoned from K'eld Ner to the Temple, where the player met him. Tralin transported the player, Giliara, and Nel to K'eld Ner where Darin was waiting for them. Tralin had told them that he had the first piece of the Creation Orb, but it turned out it had been stolen. Darin said that they were not the only ones seeking the Orb, and, right on cue, the hooded and cloaked person responsible for the theft appeared. Giliara recognized him almost at once as Diviara, revealing him to be the Mysterious Necromancer. Words were exchanged, and Diviara flew off. During the war, the player could invite Giliara as a guest. After obtaining each of the first four pieces of the Orb, Giliara pleaded with his brother to turn to Creation, unashamedly proclaiming his love for Diviara, but each time Diviara refused. There was some hesitation on Diviara's part though, for he ordered those he sent to destroy the ones seeking the shards of the Orb to leave Giliara alive. Orders of protection, however, were no guarantee of it. During the final confrontation on the steps of the Necromancer Fortress, whilst everyone else was distracted by a Giant Kresh, one of Diviara's soldiers managed to sneak up behind Giliara and stab him through the back. Giliara's last words were spoken to his brother: “Our Lord welcomes you. You only need--accept your destiny--” His death did what words had failed to do. Diviara slew the one responsible and handed over the last shard of the Creation Orb, turning on the lord he had served so faithfully and fulfilling his brother's final wish.


The Devourer Saga

  1. K'eld Ner
  2. Deren Beach
  3. Cigeli Canyon
  4. Edress Point
  5. Dagin Fields
  6. Deep Lake
  7. Necromancer Fortress

Other Quests/Events

  1. Tangled Web of Fate