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Glenn Galrick
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Affiliation: N.O.V.A. (formerly); Unity, The WarpForce
Appears in: The Devourer Saga, Absol-ution Saga
Location: LSS Alteon
I can almost sympathize with The'Galin. Unfortunately I'm a Little Bit Country and He's A Little Bit Rock N' Roll so its Unreconcilable
—Galrick, ???

Galrick, son of Glenn, was a simple man from the Kingdom of Neld until the Vandarian army razed his home. Out of grief and anger, he became a communicant of The'Galin, unaware of the consequences of his acts, and shortly after, he met The Traveller, one of Falerin Ardendor's avatars, who would guide him into playing an essential role in impeding The'Galin's attempts to take control of the Pocket of Creation located in the Deep.

Later, he was led to Terra by Falerin, where he directly interacted with N.O.V.A. and, most importantly perhaps, Ryuusei Cartwright. After much travelling, he returned to Lore and assisted Unity in its attempts to fight the Devourer's forces.

Appearance and personality

You are a man of many demands, considering what you have done, Galrick.
—The Traveller, Confrontation

Galrick is medium-built, short-sized young man with short cropped dirty blonde hair and beard, as well as green eyes and pointy ears. He is usually seen wearing a black T-shirt with a white and red-lettered inscription that reads «100% EBIL», atop a long-sleeved medium dark yellow-green shirt, with black cargo pants and dark red and white trainers. He carries a bag and a large curved blade hangs behind his back. In On the Night's Plutonian Shore, he was seen sporting the WarpForce uniform, consisting of...

He is highly perceptive: he almost immediately recognized that Darin was the one pulling the strings in the Vandarian army by watching from afar,[1] or when he surmised Diviara Celegra's plan of following Darin and company to K'eld Ner.[2] Falerin Ardendor himself considered Galrick to have a "brilliant mind".[3]

Though empathetic,[4] Galrick is direct and honest, never afraid to speak his mind and voice his opinions, even when it comes to his affections. He also never hesitates to ask that which he isn't familiar with,[2] and has been shown to dislike when people avoided being straightforward with their intentions or about themselves.[4] He also seemed to dislike not knowing the things he dealt with.[5] Knowing that he would not survive the conflict against the Network, he became self-destructive.


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Early life

Galrick was born and raised in the island nation of Neld. Little is known about his past, except that he had brothers and that his father was a farmer in the Carimbar fields and servant of the King of Neld. His grandfather, Glenn, was the Duke and Lord Governor of Sentar (thus, making Galrick a distant cousin of the King of Neld) until he retired, an act that terminated his offspring's claim to the line.[6] Upon reaching adulthood, Galrick tried to start a family for himself, and was expecting a child from his wife. Less than a year after his marriage, the Republic of Vandar attacked his homeland.

The'Galin's offer

I can help you. Just agree and the Vandarians will be defeated. Let me show you the way....
—The'Galin to Galrick, Confrontation

Led by Feldar, the Vandarian army relentlessly razed Neld in its path. During the invasion, Galrick lost his pregnant wife in Sentar and a brother, and had to witness as his childhood home was attacked. Following Sentar's fall, Galrick observed the advancing army from a close distance and witnessed the arrival of the Derenian army, sent by King Draynor of Deren. Thinking he would be caught in the middle of the ensuing battle, Galrick fled into the city's ruins, heading for the relatively intact Temple, where he accidentally entered a mysterious chamber. Inside, Galrick was shown how Delnar attempted a parley with Feldar; however, the Vandarian quickly dismissed it, claiming that they would not be satisfied until the Derenian forces surrendered. Then, he turned to see Darin as he muttered that perhaps even then, they would not.

The scene changed and he was made to follow the Vandarian mastermind as he entered the Water Lord's chamber and exchanged words with his lord through communicancy. Disgusted by the Vandarian hypocrisy, Galrick displayed his latent gift for communicancy: he heard The'Galin's words, who offered the defeat of the Vandarians. In anger, Galrick accepted the offer, and unkwnowingly enabled the Brilhado's passage to Lore.

The Traveller's guidance

But what Hope have I? What chance of salvation exists for me?"
"None. I never offered you salvation, I offered redemption. Will you fight or not?
—Galrick and the Traveller, Confrontation

As The'Galin's power numbed down his senses, Galrick managed to stumble out of the room and walk out of Sentar, where he met the Traveller. He proceeded to talk about the Devourer, Myr's deception and Galrick's own role in a cryptic manner, only to teleport Galrick and himself to an unnamed world—where The'Galin had won and where Galrick saw the Brilhado for the first time. Though he demanded to know the Traveller's identity, he vanished abruptly, leaving Galrick to his own devices. He then heard voices and moved closer to where Diviara Celegra was confronting Darin, Sigarin and Zander. The latter three fled through a portal, escaping the Brilhado general, just as the Traveller suddenly appeared at his side. He explained his hand in Darin and his comrades' escape, and told Galrick of his responsibility for the reentry of the Brilhado and their Undead army into Lore. The Traveller then led him to Paxia, where he revealed his identity and desire to frustrate The'Galin's plans concerning the Pocket of Creation located at the Deep.

Shortly afterwards, they entered the Deep before the Brilhado arrived, and the Traveller pressed him into deciding between redemption and corruption. Galrick chose to redeem himself and thrust his hands in the Pocket, so he would act as a channel between the Pocket and the Planes of Instability in Caelestia. Minutes later, Diviara and Myr entered. As The'Galin called for Galrick to be given the energy, Diviara learned of the Traveller's plan and Myr's deception, and attacked the Traveller, who was too busy preventing Galrick from being destroyed to defend himself. Ultimately, the Traveller successfully transferred all the energy of the pocket, but died after Diviara struck his blade on his abdomen. Shortly afterwards, Galrick collapsed from the damage done by the energy, but not before seeing Giliara entering into the fray.

Staying on Terra

—****, ???

When Galrick regained consciousness, he found himself surrounded by Falerin Ardendor, King Tralin and Nel. After a short conversation, the Caelestian sent Galrick with the Traveller to Terra[7] where he stayed in Manhattan.[8] On mid October, Galrick was sitting at Cafe Figaro working on his laptop when the Truthseekers appeared before him for the first time. He left shortly after, leaving his laptop on the snowy ground. The seekers discovered that the laptop ran on CaelOS version 2.6 and was transported back to Immertot.[source?]

Later, another group of seekers met Galrick in Washington Square Park. Not noticing the seekers, he crossed the park rapidly where it began to snow heavily, marked by thunder and lightning. In a bookstore ala Cafe, the seekers received the laptop again with an upgraded OS. The search brought them to Galrick's Myspace, whose identity was protected by The Traveller. Shortly after a while (involving some paradoxes), the seekers with Falerin saw The Traveller and Galrick exiting the bookstore...[source?]

At some point, he was captured by Ryuusei Cartwright and was enslaved him against his will, joining N.O.V.A. in the process.[8] Galrick unwillingly underwent a treatment by NOVA which transformed him into a bloodythirsty beast. The seekers sought a way to help him yet the beast from Immertot followed them. Eventually, Galrick found a trace of humanity in him and helped the seekers to get rid of the beast, which resulted in him fainting due to usage of vulgar magic in Terra before melting into a pool of silver liquid. Galrick eventually returned to normal and was sitting at Cafe Figaro when he met the seekers again. By then, he had ordered a new T-shirt and had a dream about Lorians, deceived by Epheel, killing The Huntress.[source?]

Return to Lore

I will die fighting them and I will always be remembered as the one who let them back in.
—Galrick, No Good Deed... Part II

The seekers had with them a gem, which Falerin gave to them, and sought to bring Galrick back to Lore. Instead, they arrived at Sentar where much of the buildings are razed. Cerin, one of the Frogzard Knights, greeted them. Following an emotional good-byes with the seekers, Hadin escorted Galrick to Falerin through a portal Cerin made as Hadin lived close.[source?]

Meeting with Falerin in Lore, Lorians aided Galrick in activating the Cor-Dem stones and reaching the Temple of Hope in Deren . There, Tralin instructed Galrick to report to Darin in Deren (The Temple of Hope). Then, sometime later, Falerin began taking Galrick to Terra again (with a run in with Tirlerion which involves a giant ball of cold fire killing Tirlerion temporally).[source?]

Following Falerin around Lore, he met up with the Huntress and The Eternal with Diviara. There, his heart was instantly captured by the Huntress' amazing beauty and courage. While he tried to keep his love a secret, he occasionally blurbs out things, much to the Huntress' dismay.

He was "killed" by Ryuusei Cartwright in the Rise of Omega.


You mean you plan to join the WarpForce?! That uniform is not just for show?"
"Why not? I look forward to the chance to fight the Network again. Besides, without healing magic they can always use more people familiar with mundane medical procedures.
—The Chosen and Galrick, On the Night's Plutonian Shore

Even though he was murdered on Lore, he was banished to Terra as Falerin's agent due to an agreement between the Devourer and Falerin. According to WarpForce Galrick has married the Huntress.

He returns to help Gaiden and Ryuusei find Cartwright.... (Absol-ution I)

In Battle

Galricks Blade.jpg

Galrick is available as guest in several quests: The Temple of Hope, Stop Bugging Me!, The Rise of Omega and Absol-ution IV*Updated version. He is also available through the Summon Galrick spell.

When acting as a guest, he assists the Chosen by attacking with his blade. This single Melee attack is, in the old version, elementally aligned with the Chosen's weapon of choice. In the updated version, however, it does Earth damage and, in addition, costs SP as a standard guest. If the SP requirement is not met, he will leave the battle.

Powers and abilities

Galrick possesses the gift of communicancy. He also has Terran knowledge of technology and medicine (as he studied in a university).



  • He wears a black 100% Ebil T-shirt ordered during his stay in Terra.
  • His short height is reflected as he stands aside to other characters—most notably Celestra, who even called him "pint-sized Terran warrior" once.


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