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The Great Frost Wyrm was a great and mighty frost dragon. A millennia ago, he was Akriloth's nemesis, due to their opposing elements (fire and ice), but entered hibernation. Every year he wakes up and forgets what he did the previous year. In Frostval 2004, he was brainwashed to steal a hoard of Frostvale presents, but was repented by helping the players deliver the gifts in time before the New Year when he was convinced to do so. Ice dragons inherited his greediness.

Every year, he and his reigndragons help the heroes deliver the presents in time due to villains always making the holiday to not go as it was supposed to.

In Frostval 2005, he and his reigndragons stole the gifts once more, because the Great Frost Wyrm kept forgetting. He said the always forgetting is the only thing that keeps him from hibernating forever. He was guarded by several iceshifters, including Frozz the Iceshifter, which is very loyal to him and will guard his lair to his last breath. Again, he repented by helping at the delivery of the gifts.

In Frostval 2006, he was used to deliver the gifts after King Frost and his son, Prince Jack Frost wanted to freeze the entire world.

In Frostval 2007, his reigndragons were called once more to deliver the presents after the Nightmare Queen and her daughter, Khandie Khain, sent Battleon to the Nightmare Realm.

In Frostval 2008, his reigndragons were called once more to deliver the evil versions of the Frostval gifts due to Kringle the Barbarian's evil plotting.

In Frostval 2009, he and his reigndragons was again called to deliver the gifts after Kabak stole them using a giant winch.

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