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This article contains information about an item, quest, or monster that was introduced during a special event (e.g. holiday or war), and will not be available again until the event repeats, or possibly never again.
Great White Shark Jaw
Level: 90
Power Level: 90
Price: 10,504 Gold
Sellback: 5,252 Gold
Location: Aria's Pet Shop
Element: Water
Activation: 0 Turn
Activation Cost: 37 SP
Upkeep: 37 SP
Effect: adds -6% Water Resistance

Against Water element monsters, your attacks deal 114% Base, Random, and Stats damage. This applies to all normal Player attacks, Specials, Spells, Pets, and Guest attacks, but only if the attack target is the monster. (For example, Heal Wounds will not get the boost, since the target is the player.)

This talisman made from a shark jaw boosts your damage against Water monsters and grants resistance to Water, making YOU the ultimate undersea predator!

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