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He is Just like his father, the Guardian Dragon, and will also say some cocky phrases, and these are the most common:

Guardian Dragon Jr. At his arrival:

"Shhh... my Dad doesn't know I am out here!"

"Oooh, ooh, oooh, I want to help!"

"Stand back and watch my super special attack!"

"I am so dead if my Father finds out about this!"

"Taste luke-warm justice!"


"If I had hands I'd Dragon punch you!"

"One day I'll be as big and strong as my dad, and you'll summon me instead of him!"

"Hmph. Take this, you big meanie!"

"I'm glad Lore doesn't have any child labor laws!"

"Dad's helping some other Guardian right now, so I snuck out!"

"Dad said if I eat enough monsters I'll grow up big and strong like him!"

"I got a 'needs improvement' on my last report card. They said I didn't work well with others, just because I burned a few monsters. Take you for example..."

After his attack, if the opponent has 75% or more to his base element:


"Did you see that?! Did you see that?!"


"Awwwwww yeah!"



"Take that!"

"Boom! Headshot!"

"Who's the man? Oh yeah. I AM the man."

"*sticks tongue out* Ppppppbbbbbbbbhhhhhhhhhtttttttt!"

After his attack, if the opponent has less than 75% to his base element:

"Uh oh... I'd better get my Dad!"

"Let's keep this between you and me... I'll get Dad!"

"Oh no, I am SO getting grounded..."

"I am SO dead if my Father finds out about this!"

"Erm... um... it wasn't me, it wasn't me!"

"Whoops... no one saw me do it, you can't prove anything!"

"Well... uh... that was just a practice round! Dad!"

He looks like, uh... wait, we don't have a picture yet, but he is very cute :-)