The Guardian Tower

The Guardian Tower is a Guardian exclusive area in BattleOn. It is home to the Guardians and the Guardian Dragon. It is the last remaining Guardian tower in all of Lore.

Front door

Two Guardians guarding the entrance

The guards are to keep non-guardians out and to only let them in for a tour.

Main Hall

Guardian Tower main hall.png

In the main hall is the Guardian Nimrod and he sells items in the Guardian Shop and the Frostval Shops. He can sharpen the Vorpal Edge to increase the damage. Nimrod can also change the element of your no-drop set for a price. He can let you save equipment on login slots so the items will be equipped as soon as the player log in and he offers some Quests. There is a book on the pedestal that has a thank you message from the staff as well as a chest that refills the player's Health Potions and Mana Potions.

Guardian Shop





Shop Pets


Guardian Tower armory.png

The Guardian Armory has a number of items that the player can use. These items will temporarily replace the player's no drop items and stay on the character until the player logs out of the game. Item with a (P) can also be taken from the armory permanently in exchange for the players current no-drop and twenty Z-tokens.


Guardian Tower stable.png

The Guardian Stable has a number of pets and animals the player can use. These armors will temporarily replace your no drop items and on your character until the player go to the shop or log out of the game. The stable is tended by WunEye and his two sons Kai and Kalen.


Guardian Tower treasurey.png

In the treasury you can find three helms: Barbute Helm, Drakonnan Helm, and Knight's Helm. There is also the Guardian Angel statue that when clicked gives the player Guardian Angel Elder as a guest and sells the player the Call Guardian Angel Elder spell.


Guardian Tower teleporter.png

In the Teleporter room, the player choose a location to teleport to. However, the teleporter is one way, so the player will have to find his own way back. The locations players can choose to teleport are Battle Carnax, The Void, Triple Challenge, and The Un-Trainer. Twig is also in this room because he loves to play with the teleporter.

War Room

Guardian Tower War room.png

In this room, players can get elite guardian quests from Logan.

Guardian Arena

The Arena Door.

The Arena, with Mia as the announcer.

A monster arena where Guardians can fight special challenges. Mia is the announcer of the Arena.

Upon completing all the challenges, you will receive the title 'Undefeatable'. You can then buy the 'UndefeataBlade'.

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