Guardian Trench Axe
Level: 45
Power Level: 50
Location: [ The Sea Fiend, Berserker Class, and Guardian Shop]
Price: 410 Gold
Sellback: 205 Gold
Element: See effect
Attack Type: Melee
Damage: 14-20
BTH: +6
This weapon was designed for trench warfare (that is, fighting sea monsters in underwater trenches), and can switch between Water and Energy as needed! It's also enchanted to pierce through demonic Chi Shields!
Damage: 309% B/R
Attack Type: Ranged
BTH: +21
Hits: 2
Rate: 25%
Element: Water


  • Click to switch between Water and Energy. Deals 90% damage on all normal player attacks and weapon specials to pay for this. (Not Factored in.) 
  • Normal attack (not Special) has -3 BTH, and deals *85/82 damage. (Not Factored in) 
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