Hairy Situation
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Why are you so silent?? Are you trembling with fear that you are unable to beg for your life, you hairless whelp??

Hairy Situation, also known as Epic Quest 3, is the third quest in the Devourer Saga. It requires level 6.


On the return to Battleon, the Chosen encounters the Werewolf King, who attacks to get some food for himself. Managing to fend him off, the Chosen resumes the way home.


After your meeting with the Vampire Queen Safiria, you have had your fill of the supernatural. But before you can get out of Darkovia you draw the attention of another well-known figure...

The section in brown occurs if you are a Vampire, Werepyre, or Dracopyre.

«Scene: Darkovia Forest.»

«You»: Hmm, I feel like I'm lost. Why do I always have to get lost HERE, of all places??

The Wolf King jumps into the scene.

Wolf King: Hrrrraaaaagh!!! You must not be very concerned about your safety--
Wolf King: -- filthy bloodsucking vermin!
Wolf King: My loyal Lycan Warriors, rip this intruder limb from limb!!

Full Heal after every battle

Wolf King: Hhmmf!! You may have proven that you can defeat some of my lesser servants, but that won't help you in the future! Now, what shall I do with you?
Wolf King: I am actually quite hungry for a light snack at this time. My stomach rumbles, in fact. You have beaten my minions, so you must have some meat on your bones.
Wolf King: Why are you so silent?? Are you trembling with fear that you are unable to beg for your life, you hairless whelp??
«You»: ....

Your meeting with Queen Safiria was not without importance: your learned a special Power Word that can sometimes work in Darkovia, and nowhere else. All you have to do is say "Red Fog." And brace yourself...

  • Say It!!
  • Don't say it

«You»: Red Fog!
Wolf King: mmmuurrr???
The Red Fog approaches. As it attacks the Wolf King, you lose HP—first 15, then 25, then 35, then 45, then 85, then 115, then 135, then 65.
Wolf King: Aaaaagggg!!!! That was a very underhanded and tricky thing to do! I must leave to go lick my wounds for now--but you have not heard the last of me!!
«You»: Red Fo--
Wolf King: ....
The Wolf King leaps and exits the scene.

Wolf King: Meh, I cannot be bothered with preparing you for my dinner. I will have one of my big, mean henchwolves do it! So I guess I will see you later, for dinner! HAHAHAHAAAA!
Level 0-25: Vampire Warrior (20)
Level 26-49: Alpha Werewolf (60)
Level 50+: Alpha Werewolf (90)
Full Heal

«You»: Wow, that was a close call. Now I'd better go heal myself before I run into any other things that want to eat me!

  • Go!


[This quest was revised with updated tiers in March 2020. The following information may not reflect current gameplay.]


  • This quest was released on August 4th, 2005.

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