High Communicant's Oath
Level: 150
Power Level: 153, Mastercraft
Price: 12,102,583 Gold
Sellback: 6,051,291 Gold
Location: Failure to Communicant
Element: Light
This spirit from the realm of Light has formed a powerful bond with you. It can Purify an Undead foe with incredible Light damage, and can heal you if you wield an armor and shield from the Communicant or related sets!
Attack 1
Damage: 18-54 plus 416.00% Stats each
Attack Type: Magic
BTH: +38 plus Stats each
Hits: 2
Rate: 100%
Element: Light
Attack 2
Attack 3
Attack 4


Against undead and zombies, the pet's attack has a 7.143% chance of attempting to Burn the monster*. The duration is equal to the number of hits connected that turn, and the burn does 38-230 Light damage per turn. Light-element monsters are immune to this**. The monster takes a penalty of -20 to its save***:

Level: 153 vs MonsterLvl
Major: YourCHA vs MonsterDEX
Minor: YourLUK vs MonsterLUK

Set Bonus

If you also have the armor and the shield of the set equipped, there is a 20% chance of the pet having an additional hit at the end of its attack, healing the player:

  • Hits: 1
  • Type: Magic
  • Element: Heal
  • Damage: 15 - 45 plus 353.60% Stats
  • BTH: «Hits automatically»
*High Communicant's Oath has surrounded your Undead foe in divine light!
**Creatures of Light are immune to your pet's divine light!
***Your foe manages to avoid the worst of the divine light.



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