Ice Rhino
Level: 100
Power Level: 110
Price: 8150 Z Tokens
Sellback: 7335 Z-Tokens for the first 24 hours, then 4075 Z-Tokens
Location: Z-Token Item Shop
Element: Ice
An Ice Rhino is smart, powerful, and unstoppable! He will charge through fire enemies with a triple hit attack, or blast them with an icy gust for extra damage.
Attack 1
Damage: 8-20 each
Attack Type: Melee
BTH: +0
Hits: 3
Rate: 50%
Element: Ice
Attack 2
Damage: 24-60
Attack Type: Ranged
BTH: +30
Hits: 1
Rate: 50%
Element: Ice
Attack 3
Attack 4
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