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We have come from the Lands to the West. We have come seeking the Shadow Master.

Into Fangmaw, also known as Epic Quest 8, is the eighth quest in the Devourer Saga. It requires level 16.


Upon returning to Battleon, The Chosen finds Halenro instead of Sage Uldor. Informed of his departure alongside Aquella to Mount Eigerbuld and Uldor's request to go to Fangmaw wherein Artix Krieger can be found, the Chosen complies and reaches the swamp....


You return from Dragonstone, victorius in your defeat of General Bour and his Death Roller. You expect to meet Sage Uldor once again, but find someone else in his place...

Halenro: Welcome back from Dragonstone!
«You»: Hello, Halenro. Where is Sage Uldor?
Halenro: The old Sage said he needed to go to the top of Mount Eigerbuld. I do not know the reason. Aquella went with him.
Halenro: He asked me to meet you here, and send you to find Artix Krieger in Fangmaw.
«You»: Fangmaw!?! You mean—-
Halenro: Yes. The place where Paladin Dagen Purmarrow found an entire village of vampire children a few years ago. Are you familiar with the story?
«You»: Well, I heard about it, but not in detail.
Halenro: It is quite sad, but heroic nonetheless. I will have to tell you more later. For now, just get to Fangmaw!
Halenro: Good luck, and may the Power of Goodness be with you.

  • Go!

On your way to Fangmaw, a weary merchant greets you, trying to sell a necklace made of garlic. He suddenly becomes frightened, drops the garlic, and runs away. Do you pick up the garlic necklace?

  • Take the garlic
  • Leave it

You gain Artix as a guest.

Artix Krieger: I'm glad you could meet me here. I heard that you had some experience recently with a new kind of undead creature. We have been calling them Ribbers.
Artix Krieger: They are different from other Undeads I have fought in the past. They do not seem to be controlled by a Necromancer master.
Artix Krieger: Instead, I believe they have their own agenda. First they attacked Uldor and poisoned him. But then, when you were questing for a cure...
Artix Krieger: ...a giant Ribber appeared and helped you in Granemor. That Ribber actually ATE a Zombie. A Necromancer's territory rarely, if ever, crosses into another's.
Artix Krieger: So that is why the Ribbers seem to have their own plan. But I still don't understand why they first poisoned Uldor, then helped you save him.
Artix Krieger: I used my Paladin ability of Detect Evil to trace the Ribbers here. They may be hiding in that abadoned cottage...
Artix Krieger: If you are ready, we can go in there and attack that nest of evil!!
Artix Krieger: WAIT-- I hear something--
Artix Krieger: Vampires!! Do you have anything to repel them??? We might not be able to survive a fight with both Ribbers and Vampires!

  • I have a Garlic Necklace!
Artix Krieger: Great! That should ward off those pale bloodsuckers!
  • I didn't pick up the Garlic!
Artix Krieger: Then I guess it is time to fight some Vampires!
Full heal after first (Level 0-69), second (Level 0-89), and third battles
Artix Krieger: That was a close call—I was worried there would be more.

Artix Krieger: Now, the time has come to enter the cottage.

You approach the cottage.

«You»: Artix, come over here for a minute. I think I see something—

Level 0-25: Undead Ribber (5)
Level 26-49: Undead Ribber (25)
Level 50+: Undead Ribber (50)
Full heal after the first (Level 0-49) and second (Level 0-79) battles

Another ribber approaches.

«You»: Hold where you are, or you will face my wrath!
Ribber: You do not understand. You can not understand.
«You»: You're definitely right about that! WHAT are you talking about?
Ribber: We have come from the Lands to the West. We have come seeking the Shadow Master.
«You»: Shadow Master? I don't know of any Shadow Master. Of course, that sounds like it could be a pretty common name...
Ribber: We thought the Old One was the Shadow Master. We thought we had found him, and tried to destroy him.
«You»: The Old One? You mean Sage Uldor??
Ribber: But—- we were wrong. He was not—- is not—- the Shadow Master. We are—- sorry.
«You»: So THAT is why you helped me in Granemor, so I could save Uldor's life. But why do you want to destroy this Shadow Master??
Ribber: He—- is—- very—————- BAD.
«You»: Oh. I guess that makes some sense...
Ribber: You can not understand. We will leave now. Do not follow us. If we meet again, you will know the Shadow Master has won, and all will come to an end.
«You»: That...does sound bad. Wait—

The Ribber leaves.

«You»: Well now, too many questions and not enough answers. I'm going to need some help figuring this out.
Artix Krieger: I agree with you! And I know just the person who can help. Let me show you the way to an Archmage I know—named Warlic!

  • Continued!


[This quest was revised with updated battle tiers in April 2020. The following information may not reflect current gameplay.]


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