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I am Jack Frost, Prince of the Frost Kingdom! Sandy Claws and Frosty the Snow Golem failed in their mission. So I built the greatest Ice Army ever assembled!
Jack Frost
Race: Unknown
Gender: None
Affiliation: Frost Kingdom, The Sinister 7, and Frigidere
Appears in: Frostval Saga, The Devourer Saga
Location: Icefall


Jack Frost is the prince of Icefall and son of King Frost. He planned to uses the magic of the Moglins to unite the ice orb fragments to create the prime elemental orb of ice, and make winter last forever. He has a deadly ability to absorb fire. The Blade of Peace greatly harms him. He recruited Sandy Claws, Frosty the Snow Golem, Bliksem and Donder, to help him assemble the orb. He claimed that he commands the greatest Ice Army ever assembled.

After Frostvale, during the Devourer Saga, he joined the Sinister Seven, under Drakath, and the Prime Ice Orb was again in his hands, but he lost it once more. when he and the Sinister 7 was defeated.


  1. Frostval 2006 Part IV: Jack Frost
  2. Sinister 7 War
  3. Rise of Chillax
  4. The Freeze-gion of DOOM!



  • He is named after Jack Frost, a elfish creature that personifies crisp, cold, and winter.
  • His mother, the Frost Queen's identity is unknown.