K'elds are Drakel cities. They are covered in huge domes and almost always do not allow humans to enter (though some exceptions exist; for example, K'eld Naer allowed the Chosen, a human, to enter during the Devourer Saga and aid with the Civil War.)


K'elds are named, just like any other human city. However, each K'eld has the word "K'eld" before its name, marking the location as uniquely Drakel (for example, K'eld Naer and K'eld Ner.)

List of K'elds

K'eld Naer

"Home" of the bad events that happened in The Devourer Saga. It is one of the most advanced K'elds. Here is were Von Drake tried to built an ultimate weapon, and when the Drakels wanted to join the Devourer.

K'eld Ner

K'eld Ner is an older sister of K'eld Naer from the Continent of Deren. It was the base for gathering the creation orb.

K'eld Alorin

A book from the library of Temple of Hope is from the library in K'eld Alorin, on the continent of Vandar, where Sigarin the Dwarf did his research about The Devourer.

K'eld Valkan

K'eld Valkan is in space orbiting around Lore. The WarpForce use's it as a base of operations. It is ruled by Queen Pra'Mithia.

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