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Kaley Obsidia
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Affiliation: Necromancer Order
Appears in: ???
Location: Obsidia's Lair
Welcome to my dark corner of the world.
—Kaley Obsidia, Necromancer Class

Kaley Obsidia is a renowned Necromantress who seeks answers that lie hidden beyond the world of the living. She is also a Class trainer in Necromancer Class.

The raven at her side, called Eapoe, is one of her familiars.

Appearance and personality

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Little is known about Kaley Obsidia other than the fact that she has mentored her servant, Morgul, and that at some point, she created the Obelisk of Darkness as a focus for Dark power and as a nexus, allowing her to keep control many Undead (Morgul's Quest III).

When Nightbane abandons his fortress, Obsidia assists in the manhunt with her undead minions and familiars. (Nightbane's Fortress)

Following Granemor's destruction, Obsidia met the Herous family, who had lost their kingdom in the Western Expanse to the demons from Stormfallen. In tandem, they devised a plan to benefit both groups: the wealthy necromancers, who had been hiding in Granemor, had lost their haven and were threatened by the Paladin Order; thus, they provided the Herous family with funds so that they would rebuilt Granemor, taking over as its leaders, so that they would use the city to keep the necromancers safe and hidden from the Paladin Order (Knight Class).

Upon The'Galin's departure from Lore, the "scar" he left behind, No Man's Land, surrounded her Obelisk, and its strange power fused with the construct. The creatures inhabiting No Man's Land began to drain her power through the Obelisk, slowly killing her. She had no choice but to set Morgul in Boog's Tavern to the task of finding someone worthy of helping her destroy the Obelisk (Morgul's Quest III).

Eventually, Obsidia and her kin influenced Granemor to enter the war against Stormfallen, so as to have access to new resources (i.e. bodies), for the war provided the Order with limitless undead. Should the player become a high-ranking 'Emoran Knight, General Herous presents the Chosen to her, therein explaining that Granemor's reconstruction was funded by her and other necromancers. Obsidia then grants the Chosen the ultimate 'Emoran Knight skill, Dark Pact. (Knight Class)

Obsidia is caught in the... (The Edge of Extinction!)

In Battle

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Powers and Abilities

Obsidia is able to cast a psychic projection of herself (Necromancer Class)


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