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Being a Knight is more than just wearing heavy body armor and riding on horseback. It is a commitment to serve your leader without fail and with absolute loyalty, which is something especially lacking in these desperate times...
Knight Class Introduction

A Knight is a person granted an honorary title of knighthood by a monarch for military service to the monarch or country. A respectable occupation in the world of Lore, Knights are capable fighters and defenders of their kingdom, having sworn loyalty to the crown and exhibiting a distinctive chivalry code.

Gameplay-wise, a Knight is a Tier 2 Class that requires Fighter Level 10 and encompasses five different armors: one for basic training (as a Squire), and four others for each of the known kingdoms of Lore (Rennd, Granemor, Deren and Stormfallen).

Primarily, its Trainer is Sir Tahtlin, a Pria Knight from the Kingdom of Rennd, who also teaches his oreder's advanced skills. However, to learn another Kingdom's class skills, it is necessary to train under General Herous, Head Knight of Granemor, Deren's Second Knight Cerin, or Tyranna, warrior Queen of Stormfallen.

A Knight in-training is known as a Squire.


A Knight wears heavy armor. It, along his or her sword and shield, constitute a symbol of pride in a knight's order.



Knights are capable fighters with every sort of melee weapons, but are better equipped with their own sword and shield, that become an extension of their arms that they faithfully use to attack their enemies and defend their kingdom. Unlike simple warriors, Knights are not adverse to the use of magicks to enhance themselves with it, though how much it is employed depends largely on the order's beliefs.

In terms of gameplay, this class is based upon, much like its requirement class, the use of Strength primarily, as well as Endurance secondarily, since Knight's are about defense more than offense.


A Squire's skills.

The Knight class, as all other classes, counts with ten Skills for the player to use. However, each Knight armor differs, most importantly, on which skills are available to it.

All knights possess the same five basic skills. However, a Squire, or a Knight without an order, will be prived of the more advanced, and powerful, techniques that are reserved to those who have swore allegiance to a king and a kingdom, entering an order, and have proven themselves worthy of such.

Despite this, every order has a cavalry skill (of which the mount is only variable), a barrage skill, a healing skill and a final skill......

The SP Cost of each skill is determined by the class level in which the player is.

Knight's Armaments

  • Effect: Equips Squire's Sword and Squire's Shield.
  • Status Effect: Has a chance to inflict Bleed*/** on the monster, subject to a save***.
  • Other: Damage is boosted when monster is Bleeding/.

Knights train extensively with their sword and shield, physical constructs maintained by their life force, and are able to summon them at will. When doing so, the Knight's whole body will glow in distinctive colour and their equipment will appear in their arms, ready to be used in battle.

An Active skill that calls forth a temporary shield and a weapon for the player to wield in battle. This special equipment will grow stronger as a player gains levels as a Knight, but they will vanish if the player changes armors. To unsummon them, click on it once again.

*The full knight's armaments easily open a bleeding wound in your foe! (If wielding Squire's Sword and Squire's Shield.)

**Your sharp blade opens a bleeding wound! (If wielding Squire's Sword but not Squire's Shield.)
***Your foe's wound was not deep enough to begin bleeding.
Your knight's armaments deal incredible damage to your bleeding foe! (If wielding Squire's Sword and Squire's Shield.)

Your blade does greater damage to your bleeding foe! (If wielding Squire's Sword but not Squire's Shield.)

Defensive Stance

  • Effect: Changes Armor Lean to: x0.8

A Toggle Guardian skill that makes it harder for foes to harm the Knight. However, his or her attacks will not be as strong: the armor's attacks will only deal x0.8 damage.

Shield Bash

  • Effect: Attack with Shield.
  • Status Effect: Chance to Daze opponent*, subject to a save**. Monsters of the same element as the shield are immune to the Daze effect***.

Due to their extensive knowledge of sword and shield combat, Knights are able to use their shield as a weapon.

An Active Skill in which the shield is lowered, delivering a powerful bash that deals damage based on how strong the shield is, with a good chance to Daze the enemy. If the monster is of the same element as the shield, it will not have any secondary effect on it.

*The powerful shield bash has dazed your foe!

**Your opponent is stunned by the shield bash, but shakes it off.

***Those aligned with <element> are immune to the dazing effect of this shield.

Blade of Retaliation

  • Effect: Spends a turn* to attack in the next one.

An Active Guardian Skill that costs SP. Having been trained to defend the helpless, and retaliate against evil, Knights can wait for their chance to weather their opponent's blows and tire them out, only to strike them with a vicious counterattack.

*You lower your guard and prepare for a retaliatory strike.


  • Effect: Summons another Knight to fight by one's side.

An Active Skill that calls forth another knight to aid one in battle. If it is cast again, it dismisses the guest. It does not cost a turn.


Skill\Level 0 1 2 3 4 5
Knight's Armaments Free
Defensive Stance Free
Shield Bash 98 103 110 117 124 130
Blade of Retaliation 98 103 110 117 124 130
Brotherhood Free


Knight's Armaments.gif
Shield Bash.gif
Blade of Retaliation.gif


  • A Level 10 Knight can become a Paladin.

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