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[...] there is much more to being a Knight than wearing heavy armor. Train with me, and you'll learn that firsthand!

Knight Class is a Class quest to become a Knight, available through Blackhawke. It is a revamp for the old Knight Class quest, now unavailable.

The trainers are Sir Tathlin from the Kingdom of Rennd, General Herous from Granemor, Deren's Knight Cerin, and Queen Tyranna of Stormfallen.



Knight Class logo

Being a Knight is more than just wearing heavy body armor and riding on horseback. It is a commitment to serve your leader without fail and with absolute loyalty, which is something especially lacking in these desperate times...

«Scene: Verdant farmlands before a shining castle.»

Long ago, Lore had many powerful kingdoms on every continent that all lived in harmony. They had formed a great alliance that preserved the peace and sanctity over all of Lore. But that peace was shattered one day with the rise of a new kingdom... the kingdom of Stormfallen.

«Scene: A volcanic, lava-scarred landscape before a dark castle.»

It is said that the demons emerged from deep within Heck and forged Stormfallen to gain a foothold in Lore. The might demon queen of Stormfallen, Queen Tyranna, and her demonic hordes sought to conquer and subvert Lore into a demon haven.

«Scene: The same verdant farmlands before are burnt as Demon Knights attack while mounted on fire-breathing salamanders

Stormfallen's legions pushed forward, conquering many kingdoms and weakening many others. Much of the Western Expanse was torn apart by the devastation of a long, brutal war that claimed many lives and kingdoms. But in order to pass into the East, to reach the city of Battleon and truly conquer the continent... they had to pass through Rennd.

«Scene: Several Pria Knights of Rennd stand victorious against their Demon Knight enemies.»

Rennd, one of the oldest of the Lorian kingdoms that still remained, stood tall and pushed back their hordes, fighting with an intensity that the demons could not match. But Rennd, the last great kingdom in the Western Expanse, has grown weaker over time. And should they fall, all of Lore could be swept away...

«Scene: The Frogzard Knights of Deren ride before the capital.»

While many kingdoms fell into obscurity from the ravages of war, two others still stand strong to aid Rennd. One of them is the kingdom of Deren, ruled by King Tralin. When they heard of Rennd's plight, they sent their knights across the world to fight at Rennd's side.

«Scene: The 'Emoran Knights stand before the wall of Granemor

The other is fairly young, born from the ashes of old Granemor. A fierce fighting force raised to defend Granemor from the mutant menace. The 'Emoran Knights have joined in the war effort against the demonic forces of Stormfallen.

«Scene returns to Rennd's farmlands.»

And one day, when you are ready, you will be able to choose which of these great kingdoms you wish to serve. But you have much to learn about the basics of Knighthood before that day comes.

«Sir Tathlin enters.»


Tathlin: Greetings, «You»! I hope you are ready for some serious training! Knight

  • What is a Knight?
Tathlin: Knights of Lore typically serve a kingdom and, by extension, their king, with complete loyalty.
Tathlin: For example, I am the head knight of Rennd, which means I vow to serve Rennd and its king.
Tathlin: Knights of a higher caliber often join organizations like the Paladin Order, serving all of Lore.
Tathlin: But there is much more to being a Knight than wearing heavy armor. Train with me, and you'll learn that firsthand!
  • Restore My Knighthood!
Tathlin: Done. Wear your colors proudly, Knight!
Your Class is set to "Knight."
  • Redo Basic Training!
Tathlin: Are you sure? You'll lose all of your training up to this point!
  • Yes! (selecting "Yes" option will drop your class level to 0)
  • No! - (Returns to above options)
  • Basic Knight Class Shop!
Shop Armors:
Tathlin: Use this equipment well.
  • Back to Town
  • Train as a Knight!

Knight Class

Squire: 0 · 1 · 2 · 3 · 4 · 5
Pria Knight: 6 · 7 · 8 · 9 · 10
'Emoran Knight: 6 · 7 · 8 · 9 · 10
Frogzard Knight: 6 · 7 · 8 · 9 · 10
Demon Knight: 6 · 7 · 8 · 9 · 10

Knight Levels 0-9

The first six quests are to be completed under Tathlin's supervision, while the remaining four quest each possess four options that depend on your Kingdom of choice, as you learn skills belonging to each of the orders.

Knight Level 10

The dialogue is different depending on which order the Chosen has attained full knighthood.

  • Tathlin: I am proud to say that you are a fully-trained Pria Knight, my friend. I have no more skills to teach you, and I am proud to stand by your side against the demons of the West.
  • General Herous: I am proud to say that you are a fully-trained 'Emoran Knight. I have no more skills to teach you, and I welcome you at my side on the walls of Granemor.
  • Cerin: I am proud to say that you are a fully-trained Frogzard Knight. I have no more skills to teach you, and I welcome you at my side defending Deren.
  • Tyranna: I count you among my strongest knights. I have no more to teach you at this time.


  • Your current class name and your Knight Class level are displayed in the corner of the screen.
  • If, at any time while training, you attempt a turn outside of your Squire's Training Armor, you are told that "Tathlin would be very displeased to hear that you went into battle without your training armor!" You deal and heal 0 damage, but will still be damaged by monster attacks.


  • When the player reached Level 5 and the following text could be read. (It is no longer available.)

Tathlin: Your training as a Squire is complete. Soon, you will be able to select a Knightly Order to join, and from them you may learn more.

Coming SUMMER 2013!

  • Kingdom of Rennd! The Pria Knights are excellent warriors trained in the use of Light, and are experienced in the art of demon-slaying after many years of warfare with Stormfallen's forces. Despite their numbers dwindling, their honor will not allow them to give up the fight!
  • Kingdom of Granemor! The 'Emoran Knights have developed excellent armor and defensive techniques. Their exposure to the undead and the mutants have turned them into battle-hardened warriors of Darkness that know no fear... but are quite capable of driving fear deep into their enemies' hearts!
  • Kingdom of Stormfallen! The Demon Knights live to serve Demon Queen Tyranna. Their abandonment of their honor and virtues in favor of a merciless fighting style that uses demon magic have labeled them a disgrace to the title of "Knight". Nonetheless, no one dares ignore the bloodthirsty cry of these feral beasts!
  • Kingdom of Deren! The Frogzard Knights have learned to use their knowledge in battle to adapt to changing combat conditions. Their knowledge of nature and Earth, combined with their superior analytical minds, allow them to focus on creating openings and striking at a foe's weakness!
  • The original quest was released in July 5th, 2005, and this revamp replaced it in June 20th 2013.
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