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Kringle the Barbarian
Race: Elf
Gender: None
Affiliation: Visia the Shaper
Appears in: Frostvale Saga
Location: Miss Fixit - Slay Bells!


Kringle is a barbarian that tries to ruin Frostvale . He was a king, jolly ice elf, that delivered gifts to boys and girls, flying on his sleight pulled by a flying render to his home base at the North Pole . He loved milk and cookies . Due to the dark magic of Visia the Shaper he became an evil version of himself, which is a malicious barbarian bent on destroying the holiday, and hungry for blood and bones. He wanted to conquer the world, starting with the town of Frostvale. His reindeer also became, due to Visia's magic, an evil, extra powerful Paindeer that feels no pain but can inflict quite a lot of it. He commands an army of Helves , which are evil ice elves that he brought along his warpath.

In Frostval 2008, he attacked Frostvale with an army of monsters from the West Pole, and captured the moglins . Then he forced the moglins to make evil gifts for him . With the help of Frosty the Snow Golem and Sandy Claws he attacked Battleon, but his army was defeated, and he shared the same fate.

He returned in Frostvale 2009, with the power of the slaying bells of Ni'Kolai the Red at his disposal . The hero had to stop him at once, since there was another villain which had his own plans to destroy Frostvale at that time . He also aided Kabak in his plans to destroy Frostval .

He also uses a collection of several weapons, including whips, his stolen gift sacks, ice swords, the slaying bells of Ni'Kolai the Red, and others .

Serenia the Harvest Goddess warned the adventures that Visia the Shaper's creation will arrive by Frostval. She was talking about Kringle the Barbarian, who was created by Visia and arrived by Frostval.


  1. Frostval 2008
  2. Miss Fixit - Slay Bells!