Lady of Light
Race: Deity
Gender: Female
Affiliation: Herself; Creation
Appears in: The Bizarre Flecks Saga, Absol-ution Saga
Location: Aloria
You know what really gets on my deific nerves?
—Lady of Light, Absol-ution IV

The Lady of Light, also referred to as the Light Lord, is one of the Elemental Lords of Lore. She exists outside of time, and balances out the elemental harmony with the Dark Lord, her husband.

Appearance and Personality

You wonder how the lady of light can have an Undead Paladin in her service, Coueraservi. One might wonder equally how she can have Necromancers who use Darkness. But nothing is one sided. People are complex. It is part of their beauty.
—Lady of Light, Edge of Extinction war story - Chapter 21

During direct manifestation, the Lady appears as a slightly humanoid-looking being made of pure, white light, displaying eight feathered wings. She possesses yellow, glowing eyes.

The Lady of Light is compassionate and welcoming to those who face her with honest hearts, as stated by Diviara Celegra[1]. Indeed, she accepted both him and his brother Giliara[2], despite both being Brilhado (also known as "the Fallen") and he himself being a Necromancer and former communicant of The'Galin. Despite the general population's belief, she does not discriminate against the Undead, or any race, or even the choice of elemental magic one may use, as seen in her acceptance of Cagliari Lux, Commander Paladin, and the Celegras—all taken communicants of her.

She loves those who serve her, like a mother would, and is always watching over them, even those who abandon her or who stray from their path, as she stated in relation to the Paladin Order, whose foolish actions irreparably damaged Lore's ley lines. While it's true that they were cast out of her church, she did not do it out of spite, but so that they would find their way. The Lady also tries to reward those who faithfully serve her, and those who do great good. (E's Fate...) She also firmly believes in free will, as she was influenced by Lorithia herself.


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Of unknown origin, the Lady of Light was responsible for the creation of Lore, along with her fellow Elemental Lords, as tasked by Lorithia herself. At some point, she married the Lord of Darkness, despite being elemental opposites.

For much of Lore's history, she used avatars and communicants to exert her will, never directly.

She fully manifested when....

Along with her husband, she directly opposes Erebus' goals.

Powers and Abilities

As a deity, she possessed unimaginable power. She took communicants of her own.

Like other deities of Lore, she has recently started to physically manifest, even though she sacrifices her temporal immunity and her power base while actively interacting with Lore (An Undiscovered Universe).

Known Communicants

The Lady of Light is shown to have several communicants:



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