Lore - the World of AdventureQuest

Lore, also stylized as LORE, is the world in which AdventureQuest is set and has a long and varied history.


Although Lore possess regions that have been documented throughout the history of AdventureQuest, only five major regions have actually been shown through the use of maps.

Lore World Map.png


Created by the Goddess Lorithia and the Elemental Lords with the Engine of Creation, Lore is a planet of inordinate magic — its core is pure, strong, elemental magic — and variety in geological features. In addition, Lore is known to have two natural satellites: the Moon and the Zard Moon.

Unlike certain worlds that exhibit only one type of living space, Lore has many and very varied regions across its surface: it has oceans (the Egrian or the Great Southern Oceans, for example), deserts (Skraeling), jungles, forests, tropical regions, mountains, and even snowy regions to the north and south. However, this geography is liable to shift greatly in very short amounts of time.

The Lorian Pantheon is known to be involved with its world in varying levels: the members of the highest categories are very rarely involved, due to their non-intervention politics, while lesser members are known to interact with, or even wreak havoc within, Lore's inhabitants. Nevertheless, many of them benefit from a large religious following, though there are exceptions. Two such are Loco, unpredictable God of Mischief and Fortune, and The'Galin, God of Uncreation, who was given the task of testing Lore ever since his ascension.


Because of this geological variety, there is also much variety in its inhabitants; the sentient species are manifold. Uniquely, some of the races are capable of interbreeding, resulting in hybrids (e.g. Boog, Draklin). These individuals, in turn, can become new races that shares both physiology and cultural self-identification if there are enough of them (e.g. the Vartai).

In addition, Lore is known to receive races from other worlds, realms, planes and universes altogether, though not always willingly. The Brilhado, the Demons from Heck and the Shadows are some group examples of this. Individual members of a race are also known to live in Lore independently of their people (e.g. the Sidhe Kalanyr Arkan'ett, the Vesperian Ryuusei Cartwright and his analogue).

Lore is also known for having four distinct sub-races: Vampires, Werewolves, Werepyres, and Dracopyres.

The most prolific races, at one point or another of Lore's history, are:

The most prevalent race since the Devourer's last coming, humans are found in every continent, living openly unlike the other races. Due to this, they do not have a sense of unity among their people; instead, humans have formed several kingdoms and, most commonly, city-states that run independently from, and usually peacefully with, each other. Humans are the only playable race.
Technomagically advanced, the Drakel and the Silari, who refer to themselves as Kruath'ri, are a dracomammalian race who has existed as a civilization for milennia.
The elves, who call themselves Elani, ...
Also known as Ulgathi,....
Little cuddly creatures well-known for their innate healing magic
Powerful and feared, dragonkind is one of the most ancient Lorian races, if not the oldest of them. However, dragons have been in a gradual decline over millennia.....

Other races include the Gnomes, the Mermazon, the Dwarves, the Gatta, the Centaurion, the almost extinct Githari, etc.

There are also many non-sentient species much like those on Terra, like the Tiger, the Bat, the Hawk, etc.

Continental Geography

Lore is broken up into regions across various landmasses, which are then broken up into zones. These locations are where adventurers must travel to defeat monsters, complete various missions and quests and sometimes traverse across to get from one city to another.


This is the continent where majority of the game takes place and is also where Battleon is located. This is where many humans live and where LORE's heroes come from.


This is the continent where majority of the Devourer Saga takes place also where the School of Thought and the Temple of Hope are located. This is also where the city of Deren is.


Where The'Galin lived.

Middle Isles

A jungle filled Continent. Parts of it were corrupted by shadows and could not be restored after a war with the SeekRat. Those parts were quarantined from LORE forever because of the corruption. A fortress belonging to a dangerous Shadow named Ultimon rests within quarantine zone. A Tyrant King and the Beastmaster quests can be found on the northern part of the continent.


Where Galrick is from.


Originally was part of Inilar. The'Galin ripped it from Inilar because of its hostility and corruption. He could not uncreate it as it was how he ascended to his current form. Instead he removed it from the rest of the continent and put it behind thousands of feet of ice, and the people now live as phantoms, denied the world beyond, and as a living record, as described by Falerin.


Mostly ruins.


  • Almost half of the map of LORE is not available in-game.
  • In WarpForce, the view of LORE from space is mirrored.
  • In-game, Bronwyn Island's name is "???", and the island is only ever mentioned in the quest to search for the Braken that took Captain Frolgar's leg.
  • If you click on the trees above Augerthome, you will get an item for Belequaya's reagent quest in Dragonclaw Island.
  • The fictional world of LORE is a tongue-in-cheek reference to the original game name, Lands of Rising Evil.
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