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Race: Deity
Gender: Female
Affiliation: Unity; Creation; Herself
Appears in: The Devourer Saga
Location: Unknown
Since the beginning, part of me has dwelt in all creation... even in you. That realization was enough to bring about my return.
—Lauren, The Final Battle!

Lorithia is a Goddess of Creation and the main force behind the creation of Lore, for which she has come to be known as a "mother" to Lore. Her husband is The'Galin, "the Uncreator", a human whom she raised as a god following his execution in Tjeli.

She manifests in the form of "Lauren". She is also Hope, living within all beings of Lore.

Personality and appearance

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Little is known about Lorithia, other than she created the world of Lore long ago[1] with the help of the Elemental Lords, as well as others, and continues to give new life to other planets, spreading creation through the universe by using the Engine of Creation (WF: Braving a New World)

Thousands of years ago before the events of AdventureQuest, she imbued herself in her creation, and despaired over the corruption of Tjeli, on the continent of Inilar. She began to believe that there was no good left in the world, and that her creation was a failure, when she happened upon The'Galin, son of Galian. Seeing a purity of purpose and noble nature in him, Lorithia sought to know him better and assumed mortal form as the woman "Lauren". Aiding him in his public works, she once helped The'Galin thwart the plans of Feldrin, who sought the estate of the parents of one of the boy at the orphanage, Jacobi.[2][3]

When Sieleidari, leader of the Reclaimer's Guild and member of the Council of Inilar, outlawed the care of children not related to one by blood, Lauren fled the city along with The'Galin, the orphans, Feldrin and his family.[3] The'Galin would realize then that he was in love with Lauren[4], and became her husband[1] following Anleya's death. However, the very same event also led him to seek revenge on the people who murdered his daughter, to which Sieleidari responded unleashing the Plague of Reclamation that led directly to the death of Lauren, of twelve of their children and Feldrin.[4]

Restored of her divine state when her human form was killed, Lorithia looked upon her once husband and felt great love for him, but also great pity for her corrupt creation. It was clear that creation, left unchecked, would become corrupt and diseased, spreading not only throughout Lore, but through all of her worlds and of others. Thus, years later and following The'Galin's execution at the hands of his people, she rose him as a god, to stand beside her, and with the Elemental Lords, as the powers of Lore. By her will, The'Galin became "the Uncreator", for his task was to balance her creation, rooting out and correcting corruption, entropy, and decay, whenever possible; where it was not, he was to make it so that they never existed in space and time in the first place.[1]


Powers and abilities

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