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Louis M. Zephyr, also called Ojodeldevorador (which, in a Terran dialect, means "Eye of The Devourer") or simpy Lord Ojo, is a Terran Network agent and communicant of The'Galin, being his primary messenger.

Though he was only mentioned in-game, he made other appearances in the IIRC sessions.

Personality and appearance

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A human born on Terra prior to 1930[1], Dr. Louis M. Zephyr spearheaded the Delphi project...[1]

During the campaign on Lore... Following the Battle of Augerthorne, Xilar acquires an Orb of Communication to call him and uses it to inform Zephyr and The'Galin of Ryuusei Cartwright's duplicity—his refusal to follow Zephyr's orders and his attempt to have Agent Smith take Amilara Celegra hostage. However, the two already knew and, while they were formulating a plan to deal with them, they saw the possibility of letting the people of Lore do it by themselves. Finally, Xilar admitted to have refused to follow Omega and to have assigned his people to protect Lore, trying to explain himself, but Zephyr stopped him. He knew the Silari to be loyal to their lord without question, just like The'Galin himself, who reassured Xilar and told him to ontinue seeking the signs. (A Network Divided)

Powers and abilities

As a communicant, he can make use of his gift to speak with the gods themselves—particularly, with his god, The'Galin.


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