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Magic is the heart of the world of Lore... some of it is pure and good, and some of it has come to be mastered by forces of chaos.

Mage Class is a Class quest to become a Mage, available through Warlic, who is also the trainer of the Wizard Class.

It is an update to the original quest, both in structure and monster encounters.



The Dark Tower of Sila
For centuries it has stood, overlooking the western lands like a malevolent sentinel. From within the tower, the serpent witch Sila has set many plans in motion to gain control over the magic forces that power the world.

Sila's vast collection of magical relics has given her enough power to allow her to capture one of Lore's wisest high wizards - Xarymandias. The same wizard who is one of Warlic's closest friends. Before long, Sila will drain Xarymandias of his arcane knowledge... and then Sila will become nearly unstoppable.

Warlic tried to rescue his old friend, but realized it would be best for him to not put himself at risk by allowing Sila to drain his own power. Now, Sila has let her guard down, and relies only on her evil minions to safeguard her magical treasures. Perhaps it is time for a brave mage-in-training to help Warlic save Xarymandias... and the world!


Warlic: Magic is the heart of the world of Lore… some of it is pure and good, and some of it has come to be mastered by forces of chaos.

  • Quest!
  • What is a Mage?
Warlic: A Mage is one who can control the wondrous powers of magic.
Warlic: Magic is the art of controlling of foreseeing natural events, forces or effects by invoking the power of the supernatural.
Warlic: Once you learn the basics of magic and become a mage, you will be able to seek further knowledge in other realms of magic, such as:
Warlic: Summoning, high wizardry, black magic of necromancy, white magic of clerics, and illusionary magic.
  • Mage Shop - (Opens «Mage Shop.» See below.)
Warlic: You may see what is available is my shop whenever you wish!
  • Back To Town


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Mage Shop


Dark Magestaff
Earth Magestaff
Energy Magestaff
Fire Magestaff
Ice Magestaff
Light Magestaff
Water Magestaff
Wind Magestaff


Mage Robes


  • This quest was released on January 22, 2005.

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