A generic spell.

Magic is the heart of the world of Lore... some of it is pure and good, and some of it has come to be mastered by forces of chaos.
—Warlic, Mage Class

Magic has been defined as the art of controlling or foreseeing natural events, forces or effects by invoking the power of the supernatural. (Mage Class) Anyone who can control the wondrous powers of magic is called by the generic term "Mage."

In AdventureQuest’s gameplay, magic is one of the three attack types, and affected by the Intellect stat.

Magic and Mana

Magical spells are usually casted, hence the use of mana is needed. Mana is an attribute assigned to characters within a role-playing or video game that indicate their power to use special abilities or "spells". Magic is usually measured in magic points or mana points, shortened as MP. Different abilities will use up different amounts of MP. When the MP of a character reaches zero, the character won't be able to use special abilities until some of their MP is recovered.

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