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This article contains information about an item, quest, or monster that was introduced during a special event (e.g. holiday or war), and will not be available again until the event repeats, or possibly never again.
Mindlock Orb V
Level: 80
Power Level: 80
Price: 8,704
Sellback: 1,852
Location: Ballyhoo - Magic: The Gathering
Element: Water
Activation: 0 Turn
Activation Cost: 100 MP
Upkeep: N SP
Effect: At the end of the player's turn, it drains 100 MP from both you and the monster*, (except on the first turn, when it only drains from the monster** since you already paid 100 MP to activate the item).

If you do not have at least 100 MP at the end of the player's turn, then no one loses MP, and the Mindlock Orb is unequipped.***

N is equal to the monster's Level. If you have at least N SP†, then during your turn you can seal all arcane forces††by clicking on the Orb:

  • When clicked, your and the monster's MP are set to 0. The Orb keeps track of both your and your opponent's MP with a hidden counter.
  • You cannot cast Spells.
  • MP is still drained from you and your opponent, but it is deducted from the hidden counter instead.
  • At the end of the player's turn, if you have any MP (for example, you used a potion), it is added to the hidden counter and your current MP is set to 0.
  • At the end of the player's turn, you lose N SP. If you do not have N SP, the "lock" is turned off†††.
  • During your turn, you can click on the Orb again to end the lock&.
  • If the lock ends for whatever reason, your and your opponent's MP is restored, based on the values of the Orb's counter. This cannot increase your MP beyond your usual maximum.
  • Possible reasons for the lock ending include you running out of SP, you running out of MP (and the Orb automatically un-equipping itself), you manually unequipping the item, or the battle ending.
From the world of Magic: The Gathering! The Mindlock Orb drains mana from the battlefield hindering friend and foe alike, when activated (clicked on) it can completely seal arcane energy at great cost (Monster Level SP per round) to the user.

*The Mindlock Orb drains 100 MP from all on the field.
**The Mindlock Orb drains 100 MP from the monster.
***You lack the arcane energy (100 MP) to fuel the Mindlock Orb.
†You lack the spiritual might (N SP) required to totally seal away arcane forces.
††None may call upon arcane forces for as long as your will endures!
†††You lack the spiritual might (N SP) required to continue sealing arcane forces.
&The seal on Arcane Forces is lifted!
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