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Twilly a typical male Moglin.

Moglins (moglo habilis) are an intelligent race of inherently-magical creatures that inhabit the world of Lore. Moglins can live nearly anywhere on the world, but some of most populous are the villages of Rugglum and Frostvale.


Leanne, a typical female Moglin.

They are generally less than two feet in height, come in an array of different colors, have large distinguished ears, stubby arms and legs, and sport a long, softly curved tail. Males and females have no noticeable dimorphism other than the females' long eyelashes. Moglins have the remarkable ability to swim with their ears, because their other appendages are too short.

Consumption of candies will turn them into ferocious, hungry "Moglinsters" during the Mogloween festival (Mogloween 2003, 2004, et al.)

According to Dewlok, their kind has extremely variable lifespans. Some may live as long as human, while others can live much longer—for thousands of years, even (The Hall of Memories).


They are often shy, home-caring, and friendly toward other friendly creatures. They like to eat about any amount of anything (except each other) and highly value fish, ice cream, or fish ice-cream. Sometimes, they follow adventurers around to heal them, give them advice, or just be protected; such is the case with Twilly.

Much like elves, moglin build their villages organically, only smaller and "not as graceful." They also are generally bright and happy. (Zorbak Quest: Part III)

They are all experts in magic, especially healing and rejuvenation and they are never reluctant to use it on needing creatures, whether good or evil (though they very rarely use it on evil.) Their innate healing ability is constantly healing them so they rarely if ever get sick and don't feel pain. However, as confirmed by Dewlok, a Moglin's actual power is over life and death, and they show talent for both healing AND necromancy, such as the case with Zorbak and Kabroz.

Notable Moglins