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Race: Moglin
Gender: None
Affiliation: Unity
Appears in: The Devourer Saga
Location: Deren
You are always so very Serious. Furry Lizards should be cuddly not somber.

Nel is a Moglin and Tralin's childhood best friend. Nel became the librarian of the Temple of Hope and is also the trainer of the Scholar Class

Twilly is his cousin.

Appearance and Personality

He has pale yellow fur which he turned as red as a cooked lobster when exposed to prolonged period of sunlight. Like all Moglins, he is short. Unlike many of them, he wears robes, wears round glasses. On Nel's left arm is a tattoo of the No'ata, a green-feathered snake which symbolises good luck.

Although Nel is playful at times, constantly poking fun at Tralin and calling him "furry lizard" much to the Drakel's dismay, Nel does have a serious side when the situation requires it.


Little is known about his past... and became part of the Derenian School of Thought

Nel is King Tralin's childhood friend, having met him when Tralin was just a young Drakel. While on a hunting trip, Tralin had injured himself and Nel came to his rescue. This quickly formed a friendship that will last for decades. He worked as Tralin's aid while Tralin was under Draynor's service and eventually became the Temple of Hope's librarian.


The Devourer Saga

Other Quests/Events


  • He is one of the two people, along with Eukara Vox, considered for the position of Loremaster, once Falerin Ardendor....


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