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I am Nepto… and you are either very brave… or very lost.
Race: Unknown
Gender: None
Affiliation: The Sinister 7
Appears in: The Devourer Saga
Location: Unknown

Nepto is the only survivor of an unknown underwater species that's gone extinct.


He stole a water orb from the Pheron and caused a war between the Mermazons and the Sarkanians by convincing the Mermazons that the Sarkanians captured the Mermazon princess Sherah, and then he convinced the Sarkanians that the Mermazon captured the Sarkanian prince Merris. But in fact, the prince and the princess ran to the Pherons in order to marry each-other. Nepto informs the player that the Pherons are evil and that they captured the prince and the princess. But soon the player realized that it was Nepto who was behind it all. So he/she battled Nepto and is victorious. With Nepto's defeat the war between the Mermazons and the Sarkanians ended and the water orb was returned to the Pheron.

Nepto later join the Sinister 7 and helped them to steal the Prime Orbs from the Temple of Hope and was given the Prime Water Orb to use against the Guardians. He and the others members of Sinister Seven was defeated by the Chosen and the Guardians and the Orbs returned to the temple.


  1. Sinister 7 War
  2. The Maelstrom