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Thanks to Shane for letting me take this picture. (This is his character!!)


  • Level 5 Scholar
  • Level 10 Rogue
  • Character Level 30

Ninja training is at the Ninjitsu temple. It is the most popular class for lower levels. It includes the Ninjat (Ninja Cat), the Shinobi Shozoku armor (Level 30+ Only). Shinobi Shozoku is the only armor for Ninjas. The moves are:

1. Swift Slash- 214 SP

2. Smoke Bomb- 130 SP

3. Dragon Double- FREE!

4. Merciless!- FREE!

5. Sacred Duality- 250 MP

6.Call Ninja Tortise!- FREE! (Guardian Only)

7. Ninja Stars- 214 SP (Guardian Only)

8. Ninja Evasion-FREE! (Guardian Only)

9. Viper's Bite- 214 SP (Guardian Only)

10. Ninja Death Strike!- 214 SP (Guardian Only)