No Good Deed... Part II
The Devourer Saga, Chaos
Battles between heals
The Devourer Saga
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No Good Deed... Part I Strange Whispers

No Good Deed... Part II is the sixtieth entry in the Devourer Saga. It requires level 56.


The Huntress, The Eternal and Galrick appear at K'eld Ner

Galrick: *shiver* I don't think I will EVER get used to travel via molecular disintegration. I always feel like I just swallowed a mouthful of bugs.
Huntress: What a nice image. For me it is more like a breath of fresh air...
Eternal: Stay here. I wish to go back and aid the Loremaster.

The Eternal disappears

Galrick: Well--
Huntress: So why are you wearing that hat? I have been to Terra; that holiday happens near the New Year.
Galrick: Errr-- I---
Huntress: Is it normal to have plant material attached to the tassle?
Galrick: Well no. That is mistletoe. Terran tradition is...
Huntress: Yes?
Galrick: Terran tradition is that if you find someone under the mistletoe you kiss them.
Huntress: You do not give up easily, do you kid?
Galrick: I...was married. My wife was killed in Sentar... I do not expect to survive what is coming. They still want me.
Huntress: You had a wife? You seem too young.
Galrick: We had been married less than a year when the war happened. You consider me a kid, I know, but I am not.
Galrick: Before the Vandarians attacked Neld, before I unleashed the army of undead, I was starting a family.
Huntress: Next to me, Yulgar is a child. I am over a thousand years old.
Galrick: If the Derenians had not sent aid to Neld, those undead would have destroyed my entire nation.
Galrick: Draynor, Tralin's father, was killed because of them and it is all my fault. I gave them entry.
Huntress: We all make fateful decisions that we come to regret, Galrick.
Galrick: That's just it. I did regret it. I am no longer sure I do.
Huntress: How do you mean?
Galrick: I am prepared to die in the fight, but I am no longer sure what I regret. I am not certain of what the Devourer even represents anymore.
Galrick: He seems better than some. His task seems necessary even.
Huntress: Maybe, but the Network is vile. I chased after them for a millennium. Trust me, THEY must be stopped.
Galrick: I know that, and that is why I will die, Celestra. I will die fighting them and I will always be remembered as the one who let them back in.
Huntress: You may not be a child, but you are too young for fatalism. The future is not written yet, Galrick, son of Glenn.
Galrick: Even Falerin is unsure if there is anything he can do. He, too, expects me to fall before this is over. He is trying to protect me, but... I cannot be hidden away.
Galrick: I am responsible and I must fight. They will never let me survive, Celestra ... They cannot allow it.
Huntress: Never say never, kid.

The Huntress kisses Galrick on the cheek

Galrick: Wow...

«Scene: Back at the beach»

Falerin and Diviara face one surviving necromancer and a lot of corpses

Necromancer: You! Caelestian! You just killed my cousin and my sister! An entire contingent dead with ONE spell?!
Falerin: You should not have assaulted me directly. Withdraw now and carry the message to Omega that he should not assault me again.

The Eternal appears

Eternal: I came back to help and... I have not seen this since you led us to the Isle. They attacked you.
Falerin: They did.
'Necromancer: I will kill you! I will KILL YOU!!
Diviara: No, you will not. You will withdraw.

The necromancer is surrounded with an icy blue light

Necromancer: Aaahhhh..... Cold... So-- stop this...
Diviara: You will withdraw, now.
Necromancer: I will withdraw. I will report to Omega.

The necromancer leaves

Diviara: You do realize he will be killed anyway. They will not abide his failure.
Falerin: Omega knew he would fail. This assault was to send a message only. Besides, his reception by the Network is not on my hands. He knew what he was in for...
Eternal: You never did finish.
Falerin: Finish?
Eternal: Bulan the Mad?
Falerin: Ah yes... Can't you guess?
Eternal: Not particularly
Falerin: No good deed goes unPUNished...