Ol' Scarface
Level: 42
XP: 450
Gold: 150
Element: Earth
Power: Power Needed
HP: HP Needed
MP: MP Needed
Combat Defence
Melee: 35
Ranged: 30
Magic: 25
Strength: 70
Dexterity: 50
Intellect: 15
Endurance: 70
Charisma: 0
Luck: 25
Element Modifier
Fire: 85%
Water: 85%
Wind: 85%
Ice: 85%
Earth: 85%
Energy: 85%
Light: 85%
Darkness: 85%
This old frogzard has heavy battle scars that toughen its skin. He got those scars from Eselgee. Elselgeee got many of his scars from this ScarZard. They hate each other quite a bit.
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