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In times of Darkness, we will be summoned to restore the Light.
—Artix von Krieger

Paladin Class is the original Class quest to become a Paladin under the mentorship of Artix von Krieger. It is to be revamped soon.

To be accessed, its requirement (Level 35+) must be met.


The Forces of Evil gather strength with each passing day...all that stands between darkness and the good and innocent people of the world are righteous warriors known as - the Paladins!

In the darkness of night under the pale light of the moon, you meet Artix.

Artix: Greetings and saluations! My name is Artix von Krieger, and I am the head of the Order of Paladins. Your presence is an honor.
Artix: If you have come to train in the Light, you can obtain the Holy Armor from the Paladin Armory.

  • Quest!
  • What is a Paladin?
Artix: Paladins are the sworn defenders of all that is innocent and good in the world. To that end, we dedicate ourselves to fighting the dark forces of Lore.
Artix: Our bodies and minds are trained to the highest degrees, as they are the greatest weapons we possess in the neverending struggle against evil.
Artix: Faith is the source of a Paladin's power. Having Faith that good will always prevail and believing in yourself will enable you to perform even impossible feats.
Artix: The path of a Paladin is fraught with peril and bears the burden of great sacrifice. A Paladin must strive to rise above the lure of greed, arrogance, and dishonesty.
Artix: As a Paladin, you must strive to be the best you can be and the greatest Defender against the forces of evil. In times of Darkness, we will be summoned to restore the Light.
  • Paladin Armory - Opens the Paladin shop. See below.
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Level 0

Artix: There is something very special about you. You may become the greatest Paladin who ever lived.
Artix: But become a Paladin, you must undertake a challenging quest! You must foil the evil scheme of a most treacherous enemy in Granemor.
Artix: Stop this foul fiend and the Light will reward you with the first Paladin ability -- Blessed Weapon!

Stop Zorbak!
You have decided to train as a Paladin with Artix Krieger. As the first Paladin of Lore, Artix has faced many dangerous and powerful enemies. Nearly none have caused as much sheer trouble as the mischievous blue-skinned Moglin darkness mage called Zorbak. To prove yourself worthy of training, you must stop Zorbak's newest plan: creating a rainstorm of Undead Frogs to pour down on the town of Granemor! Good luck to you!

Level 0-49: Undead Frog (20)
Level 50+: Undead Frog (40)
Can you find Zorbak in town before his army of Undead Frogs overwhelms you?
Difficulty: 50
Stat Used: Intelligence {uses your INT/5 as a Bonus}

«If you fail the Roll, you fight two more frogs. After, you get another roll. It'll continue until you pass.»

«If you win the Roll...»

Zorbak: You may have foiled my latest plan, but I will make sure you regret this day for the rest of your miserable life! Prepare to feel my wrath! Meheheheheeeee!

Level 0-49: Zorbak (40)
Level 50+: Zorbak (60/80)

Zorbak: *wheez* *gasp* Well, I'm all tired out now. I guess I might as well give up. But you haven't seen the last of me, the mighty Zorbak!

Artix: Excellent! Now your true test begins. Find and obtain the Ancient Scrolls of Faith in the desert of Ketheela. From these scrolls you will learn more abilities. Congratulations, are now a Paladin!

Level 2-10

Artix: Every time you find a Scroll of Faith you will learn a new ability. As a Level «Your level» Paladin, I know you can do this!

Quest Accepted!
You have chosen to collect the Scrolls of Faith! The scrolls were stolen by the Undead minions of a powerful Lich and hidden in a cursed desert. You are a Level «Your level» Paladin. Finding the next scroll will increase your class to Level «Your level+1». You can rest up to 3 times.

{Desert Monsters}
Optional Full Heal
Optional Full Heal
Optional Full Heal
Optional Full Heal
Moving the Boulder
Is you faith deep enough that your Strength can move the barrier to this scroll?
Level 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Difficulty 20 45 55 55 60 60 65 65 70
Stat Used: Strength

«If you fail the Roll, you start over from Battle #1»

«If you win the Roll...»

1 BATTLE {Boss}

A Scroll of Faith! You have defeated the Guards of this Scroll and now possess it! A new holy power of the Paladin is yours -- use it wisely! You have learned the next level as a Paladin and gained a new special ability from your Scroll of Faith!


Artix Krieger: You have found all the Scrolls of Faith! They were lost for many years. You have earned the powers you now have! But the Lich who hid the scrolls is still out there. The Lich, called Sylith, is a powerful Necromantress who controls many undead monsters. As a Lich, she has crossed partway into the realm of death, but her great magic allows her to remain in this world. You will find the Lich in Darkovia. She came out of hiding, angered that the Scrolls of Faith have fallen back into the hands of Paladins! I have faith that you can defeat her - Battle on!!

«You»: I have come for you, Lich! Show yourself so that we may finish what you started! Face a Paladin in battle!


«You»: Is that the best you can do? Send a couple of weak minions to do your dirty work?
Sylith: Yooouuuuuu...who have taken the Scrolls from me. Yooouuuuuu...who I shall transform into just one of my army of servants.
«You»: You ugly fiend – why would you keep the Scrolls? Why not just destroy them?
Sylith: Do you think I spared them because I wished it? Nooo...the Scrolls were protected by a veil of Holiness that I cannot breach.
Sylith: All I could do was to take them, and hide them! NOW – your end has come! Your bones shall build my throne, meddling fool!

Level 0-49: Sylith the Lich (50)
Level 50+: Sylith the Lich (75/100)

Artix: You have proven yourself as one of the greatest Paladins to ever serve the Order! Go forth, knowing that your name will be legendary!


Paladin Armory


Undead Axe of Light
Holy Bolt Bow
Undead Axe of Energy
Holy Blaze Bow
Undead Axe of the Sun
Undead Axe of Storms
Holy Rage Bow


Holy Armor (With Cape)
Holy Armor (Without Cape)
Guardian Holy Armor (With Cape)
Guardian Holy Armor (Without Cape)


Holy Paladin Guard
Consecrated Paladin Guard
Blessed Paladin Guard
Purified Paladin Guard
Exalted Paladin Guard


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