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The Paladin Order is an organization of Paladins: warriors of the light realm that fight against the Undead (creatures brought back from the dead by Necromatic magic).


Artix von Krieger

Artix Von Krieger

Artix Von Krieger, known simply as Artix, is Grandmaster of the Paladin Order and the paladin class trainer. He is a strong enemy of the undead. He loves smiting the Undead so much, it's infectious - there's no undead war he can't participate in. Because Artix is the leader of the Order, he and the others free the Undead by slaying them and exorcising their lost souls. His favorite weapon is the Blinding Light of Destiny.



Halenro is a protector of good, destroyer of evil and a famous paladin that led the paladins in many battles against Archfield Garifel, and won. He can be see in Granemor and in the Epic Quest, "Into Fangmaw". He can also be seen in the Granemor Graveyard.

Dagen Punmarrow

Daggen Punmarrow is a paladin that discovered an entire village of vampire children in Fangmaw. His story is tragic, but heroic nonetheless.


Janosso is a paladin mentioned in the description of a light weapon.


Daimyo is a Pomeranian dog and is a Paladin's best friend. He defends or fights with his master. He is a strong fighter. He is summonable at rank 4 paladin. (Fact: Daimyo is also Artix's pomeranian dog in real life.)

Leeroy Jenkins

A legendary paladin that appeared in Vamprook Spyre, and wanted to hunt vampragons. Leeroy Jenkins and his 2 friends, warrior Grodd and mage Amani, attacked Vamprook Spyre, hoping to defeat the Great Fire Wyrm, but they are incapacitated before finishing their quest. If the hero loots their potions, he and his friends turn against him/her.




Coeurasevri is a noble paladin that was turned by Lord Donovan into a mindless servant and his "ghoul" by bitting him, and tasked him into slaying all the undeads of Darkovia and unite Darkovia under him, including good undead like Cagliari.

The Hero

By meeting the requirements and passing the test of defeating Sylith the Lich, then the hero is declared a great member of the Paladin Order.