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The Pet Rock is a guest gained by mixing ingredients in Warlic's mage shop. As with all

The Pet Rock in battle.

guests, the Pet Rock disappears on logout, or when you obtain a new guest. The Pet Rock attacks with the Earth element.


To get the Pet Rock, visit Warlics mage shop and click explore shop. After this, add Magma Leaf, Bad juice, and Slattwob Dust to the cauldron. This will bring up a notification that you have created a Pet Rock.

Travel Pass

Non-Guardians can get the Travel Pass by giving Valencia their Pet Rock. To get this pass, you first need to make your pet rock (as described above) and then speak with Valencia. Click "Visit Grumbugly," and then select "Travel Passes." This will give you access to the Crossroads, and thus access to areas you wouldn't normally be able to visit, as well as special areas that can help you complete the Blade of Awe .

Pop-up notification after creating a Pet Rock