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Pirate Class
Level: 30
Power Level:
Location: Pirate Class Shop
Price: 426 Gold
Sellback: 213 Gold
Lean: Standard
Element: Neutral
Combat Defence
Melee: 32
Ranged: 30
Magic: 28
Element Modifier
Fire: 100%
Water: 83%
Wind: 83%
Ice: 95%
Earth: 100%
Energy: 95%
Light: 85%
Darkness: 85%
Wear this armor if you want to take on the Pirate Class, and use special abilities such as Keelhaul, Grog n' Flog, Davy Jones' Locker, and Plunder! (Sea Scourge pirates have a peg-leg, eye patch, and hook-hand.)
Attack 1
Damage: [round(0.475*ClassLevel^2 + 5.41*ClassLevel + 119)% Base, Random and Stats
Attack Type: «As Weapon»
BTH: +floor(3.5 + ClassLevel/2) plus Stats
Hits: 1
Rate: 100%
Element: «As Weapon»
Attack 2
Attack 3
Attack 4


There are two armors that are used by the Pirate Class: Sea Scourge and Swashbuckler's Raiment. Aesthetically, they are different, as the Sea Scourge outfit is blue and has an eye-patch, a peg leg, and a hook-hand, while the Swashbuckler's Raiment outfit has a red jacket (and both of his legs and his hands). For all intents and purposes, the stats are the same. Also, there is a special attack included when an HP pot is drank. An animation is performed where the Chosen chugs the HP pot and tosses the empty bottle at the enemy, performing:

  • Hits: 1
  • Attack Type: Ranged
  • Element: Earth
  • Damage: Base: 0%, Random: 0%, Stats: 100%
  • BtH: 0 plus Stats (does not get bonus from weapon)
  • Corrective Effect: If the monster's Earth Resistance is 0 or less, then the damage is set to 0. This prevents you healing the monster after you heal yourself.


All Combat Defences are increased by +(ClassLevel*2/3) each, rounded normally. Elements increase based on Level:

  • Fire: None
  • Water: - round(0.4 + ClassLevel*1.75)
  • Wind: - round(0.4 + ClassLevel*1.75)
  • Ice: - round(ClassLevel/2 - 0.4)
  • Earth: None
  • Energy: - round(ClassLevel/2 - 0.4)
  • Light: - ClassLevel
  • Darkness: - ClassLevel


Pirate Attack.gif


Pirate Death.gif

Skill Array

Pirate Skillset.png

Level 1 - Swab the Mob!

Monsters are usually quite dirty -- Time to clean this one up a bit!

  • Hits: 2
  • Type: «As Weapon»
  • Element: «As Weapon»
  • Damage: 0.5*round(0.5 * [4 + 0.5*ScaledEffectiveLevel + 0.005*ScaledEffectiveLevel^2]) damage
  • Random: 0.5*round(0.5 * [13 + 1.25*ScaledEffectiveLevel + 0.005*ScaledEffectiveLevel^2]) damage STR/10 + DEX/40 + LUK/20 Stats:0.5*round(100 + 8.8*ScaledEffectiveLevel)%
  • BtH: floor(ScaledEffectiveLevel/4) plus STR/10 + DEX/40 + LUK/20 Stats
  • Cost: round(0.01125*ScaledEffectiveLevel^2 + 2.3375*ScaledEffectiveLevel +38.1) MP

Effect: This counts as a spell.

Pirate Swab the Mob!.gif

Level 2 - Summon Petey!

Summon your faithful (and entertaining) parrot Petey to help belittle, and battle your enemies!

Summons Petey. Cast again to dismiss him. Cost: Free, but a turn is spent.

Pirate Summon Petey!.gif

Level 3 - Swash. Defense

Your Pirate training means you're quite handy with a blade! You can parry incoming Melee attacks. While active, you get +ClassLevel to your Melee Defense, to a maximum of +5. This costs 3 SP per turn. You cannot have both this and SeaLeg Swagger active.

Level 4 - Keelhaul!

A double-hit attack that will show your enemies just who is the master of the high seas!

  • Hits: 2
  • Type: «As Weapon»
  • Element: «As Weapon»
  • Damage: round(0.475*SkillLevel^2 + 5.41*SkillLevel + 119)*80% each Base, Random, and Stat each
  • BtH: floor(3.5 + ClassLevel/2) plus Stats
  • Cost: [ round(38.1 + 2.3375*ScaledEffectiveLevel + 0.01125*ScaledEffectiveLevel^2) * 0.97125 ] MP, rounded normally
Pirate Keelhaul!.gif

Level 5 - Jolly Rotten Roger!

Hoist the black flag! The Jolly Roger comes to life for a fearsome 3-hit Darkness attack with a ghostly skull and cross-swords that can leave your foe trembling!

  • Hits: 3
  • Type: Magic
  • Element: Darkness
  • Damage: Base: round(4 + 0.5*ScaledEffectiveLevel +0.005*ScaledEffectiveLevel^2)*0.2396 damage Random: round(13 + 1.25*ScaledEffectiveLevel + 0.005*ScaledEffectiveLevel^2)*0.2396 damage round(100 + 8.8*ScaledEffectiveLevel)*0.2396% STR/16 + CHA/16 Stats: round(100 + 8.8*ScaledEffectiveLevel)*0.2396%

Effect: This counts as a spell. If at least one hit connects, it attempts to make the monster Afraid (4 rounds, 25% chance)

Level:ScaledEffectiveLevel vs MonsterLevel Major:YourCHA vs MonsterCHA MinorYourLUK vs MonsterLUK

Pirate Jolly Rotten Roger!.gif

Level 6 - Cannon Fodder!

Bring out the big gun! Blast your enemy with a cannonball for great Fire damage!

  • Hits: 1
  • Type: ranged
  • Element: Fire
  • Damage: Base: round(4 + 0.5*ScaledEffectiveLevel +0.005*ScaledEffectiveLevel^2)*17/16 damage Random: round(13 + 1.25*ScaledEffectiveLevel + 0.005*ScaledEffectiveLevel^2)*17/16 damage STR/10 + DEX/40 + LUK/20  Stats: round(100 + 8.8*ScaledEffectiveLevel)*17/16% 
  • BtH: floor(ScaledEffectiveLevel/4) plus STR/10 + DEX/40 + LUK/20  Stats 
  •  Cost: round(0.75 * [0.01125*ScaledEffectiveLevel^2 + 2.3375*ScaledEffectiveLevel + 38.1] ) SP 

Effect: Counts as a spell.

Pirate Cannon Fodder!.gif

Level 7 - SeaLeg Swagger

You weave like you're on a ship deck in a heavy storm, and your unpredictable movements leave your enemies unsure where to aim with their Ranged attacks! While active, +6 to Ranged Defense. Costs 3 SP per turn. You cannot have both this and Swash. Defense.

Level 8 - Grog n' Flog

A flaming bottle of booze and a whip come to life to "grog 'n flog" your enemy for Fire and Wind damage! Can leave your foe burning, with a newfound respect (or is that fear?)!

  • Hits: 2
  • Hit 1:
    • Type: Ranged
    • Element: Fire
    • Damage: Base: round(4 + 0.5*ScaledEffectiveLevel + 0.005*ScaledEffectiveLevel^2)*0.55*47.7/99 damage Random: round(13 + 1.25*ScaledEffectiveLevel + 0.005*ScaledEffectiveLevel^2)*0.55*47.7/99 damage Stats: round(100 + 8.8*ScaledEffectiveLevel)*0.55*47.7/99%
    • BtH: floor(ScaledEffectiveLevel/4) plus Stats  

Effect: Counts as a spell. If it connects and monster is not Fire-Element and the hit deals >0 damage, then it attempt to Burn the monster for five rounds. The Level of the burn is ScaledEffectiveLevel:

Level:ScaledEffectiveLevel vs MonsterLevel

Major:YourCHA vs MonsterCHA

Level: YourLUK vs MonsterLUK

  • Hit 2:
    • Element: Wind
    • Damage: Base: round(4 + 0.5*ScaledEffectiveLevel +0.005*ScaledEffectiveLevel^2)*0.55 damage Random: round(13 + 1.25*ScaledEffectiveLevel + 0.005*ScaledEffectiveLevel^2)*0.55 damage Stats: round(100 + 8.8*ScaledEffectiveLevel)*0.55%
    • BtH: floor(ScaledEffectiveLevel/4) plus Stats

Effect: Counts as a spell. If the attack succeeds and deals >0 damage, then the monster is "flogged". This sets up a "Flog Bonus" equal to current SkillLevel. If the monster is "flogged" a second time, then either the "Flog Bonus" remains the same (if your current SkillLevel is less than the old "Flog Bonus") or the "Flog Bonus" becomes equal to your current SkillLevel (if your current SkillLevel is greater than or equal to the old "Flog Bonus").

Pirate Grog n' Flog!.gif

Level 9 - Plunder!

Every Pirate knows how to take what they want! Use this for a chance to get multiple potions from your enemies!

  • Hits: 1
  • Type: «As Weapon»
  • Element: «As Weapon»
  • Damage: round(0.475*ScaledEffectiveLevel^2 + 5.41*ScaledEffectiveLevel + 119)*0.8*0.75 Base, Random, and Stat
  • BtH: +floor(3.5 + ScaledEffectiveLevel/2) plus Stats

Effect: If the attack connects, then the monster makes a save. It takes -17 to this save: Level:ScaledEffectiveLevel vs MonsterLevel Major:YourDEX vs MonsterDEX Minor: YourLUK vs MonsterLUK

If successful, you gain one HP potion and one MP potion.

Pirate Plunder!.gif

Level 10 - Davey Jones' Locker

Call forth the legendary "creep of the deep", Davy Jones, to deal 4 powerful hits of water damage that can really tie up your foe!

Hits: 4

Type: Magic

Element: Water

  • First 2 hits (Locker Hits):
    • Damage: Base: round(4 + 0.5*ScaledEffectiveLevel +0.005*ScaledEffectiveLevel^2)*0.25 damage Random: round(13 + 1.25*ScaledEffectiveLevel + 0.005*ScaledEffectiveLevel^2)*0.25 damage Stats: round(100 + 8.8*ScaledEffectiveLevel)*0.25% 
    • BtH: floor (ScaledEffectiveLevel/4) plus Stats
  • Last 2 hits (Tentacle hits):
    • Damage: Base: round(4 + 0.5*ScaledEffectiveLevel +0.005*ScaledEffectiveLevel^2)*0.25*47.7/99 damage Random: round(13 + 1.25*ScaledEffectiveLevel + 0.005*ScaledEffectiveLevel^2)*0.25*47.7/99 damage Stats: round(100 + 8.8*ScaledEffectiveLevel)*0.25*47.7/99% 
    • BtH: floor(ScaledEffectiveLvl/4) plus Stats

Effect: If at least one of the "tentacle" hit connects, then the monster can be Entangled. The monster takes -0 to the roll and -20 DEX (if one "tentacle" hit connects) or -5 to the roll and -40 DEX (if both connect).

  • Cost: round(0.01125*ScaledEffectiveLevel^2 + 2.3375*ScaledEffectiveLevel + 38.1) MP
Pirate Davy Jones' Locker.gif