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Potions are used by Adventurers and Guardians to restore their health and mana in the thick of battle, and are more often employed by the lower-levelled characters who often lack healing spells and skills such as Heal Wounds.

They are also often consumed by more advanced characters to get out of a fix, as higher-levelled players usually encounter higher-levelled and more powerful monsters in their travels.


Potions come mainly in two forms: Health potions(Red) and Mana potions(Blue). Health potions are used to recover health.They are also required in using certain Class skills, such as the Rogue's level 10 ability, Potion Arrow. Mana potions are used to recover mana,

Healing Formula

Their general healing ability is large. Specific healing amount formulas are as follows:

Health potions

added to a random number from 0 to 49. (healing Health Points)

Mana Potions

added to a random number from 0 to 49. (healing Mana Points)

Obtaining Potions

Every Adventurer starts off with one of each, and can only obtain more from quests that give them potions after much effort.

An easy for free players to gain health potions is to go to frogzard hunter and use challenge 1. After battling the 3 enemies and you will get a health potion. You may quit and do it again for more potions, 85 exp and around 66 gold.

an easier way would be to go to explore paxia on your map and click on the bag on yor left, unlike the other potion bags in the game that need you to be a Guardians to use this one is free however free player can only have three potions each.

Guardians start off with three of each, and can use the same methods to gain extra potions, with the added ability of being able to restock them at any time from a chest in the Guardian Tower. Potion bags can also be utilized to raise the amount of potions one has to five, no more, no less. It should be noted that potions used to count as temporary items, and their amount was be reset back to default at the next login, however this was changed by a staff member named Captain Rhubarb

If you are an X-Guardian, however, you start with 3 potions and are able to carry up to 35.

Full Heal Potions

The color of the third kind of potion can be described as a mix of blue and red. This potion is a full heal potion, restoring both health and mana to maximum. However, this potion is not without its faults, and is only available in certain quests (such as Willow Creek and Bludrut Keep), and even then, cannot be carried around by the character and can only be used out of battle.


In-game references, especially in dialogues in the Frogzard Hunter Quest series, have indicated that potions (especially Health Potions) are sweet, perhaps even alcoholic in nature, as your character becomes slightly groggy and shows symptoms of drunkenness after consuming a large amount of potions given by a friendly NPC character in his journeys.


Most houses restore potions up to a certain amount.