Primal Garb
Level: 40
Power Level: 70
Location: Vephoma's Shop
Price: 508 Gold
Sellback: 254 Gold
Lean: Armor Lean Needed
Element: Neutral
Combat Defence
Melee: 25 / 30
Ranged: 25 / 30
Magic: 25 / 30
Element Modifier
Fire: 95% / 90%
Water: 95% / 90%
Wind: 95% / 90%
Ice: 95% / 90%
Earth: 95% / 90%
Energy: 95% / 90%
Light: 95% / 90%
Darkness: 95% /90%
This golden totemic armor allows you to unlock your inner beast with a 2-hit regular attack. Buy this armor only if you wish to go on the Beastmaster Quest. Only Guardians have the connection to primal forces required to possess this armor.
Attack 1
Damage: 150% Base/Random, 200% Stat
Attack Type: as weapon
BTH: +10
Hits: 2
Rate: 100%
Element: as weapon
Attack 2
Attack 3
Attack 4


Level One - Beast Claw

Call upon the savagery of the beast to make a powerful strike! You have a 30% chance of a critical strike for even more damage!
  • Hits: 1
  • Damage: 200% Base and Random, 100% Stat bonus
  • Element: Earth
  • Attack Type: Melee
  • Cost: 70 MP

Level Two - Resistance Bonus

Increased elemental resistance!

Level Three - Call Forth Beast

Summon a wild beast to aid you in battle! New beasts become available as you level up.
  • Cost: 40 MP

Level Four - Beastial Skin

Embrace the power of the beast to adapt to your enemies' strengths!

Cost: 80 MP

Effect: Gives you an addition -10% protection against your enemy's lowest element and +5 against its highest defence.

Level Five - Wild Force

Increase the damage of your pets and guests by 30%!

Effect: Pets/Guests deal 130% Base and Random damage while wearing the Garb.

Level Six - Beast Lore

Use your knowledge of beasts to flawlessly strike your enemy's weakness! Consumes mana based on damage done!

  • Hits: 1
  • Type: «As Weapon»
  • Element: Element Seeking
  • Damage: 150% Base, 150% Random, 100% Stats damage
  • BTH: +0 plus Stats
  • Effects:
    • There is a 25% chance of the attack dealing 300% Base, 300% Random, 100% Stats damage.
    • Drains MP equal [DamageDealt/2] - 5 MP (Minimum of 0 MP, maximum of all your MP).
  • Cost: 5 MP

Level Seven - Internal Beast

Unleash your inner beast to boost your statistics! Increases all of your stats by 10!

  • Effect: Increases all stats by 10 until the end of the battle or switch armours.
  • Cost: 80 MP

Level Eight - Defense Bonus

Increased defense!

Level Nine - Beast Mastery

Call forth two beasts to help you at once!

  • MP Cost: 90 MP
  • Effect: Summons two beasts from "Call Forth Beast!"
    • 3: Bat
    • 4: Dragon
    • 5: Frog
    • 6: Hawk
    • 7: Shark
    • 8: Snake
    • 9: Tiger
    • 10: Wolf
    • + Dismiss

This will function as a single guest. You cannot summon two of the same guest.

Level Ten - Tame Beast Spirit

Capture the spirit of a beast to aid you in battle!

  • 1) Click the ability in the class skill menu.
  • 2) This causes you to forfeit your turn, pets and guests still attack.
  • 3) During the enemy's turn, you will "absorb" whatever attack it uses. If you change armors after "absorbing" an attack, you will lose it and will need to do steps 1-3 again.
  • 4) After "absorbing" the attack, you must defeat the monster without changing armors.

Note: You will still keep the "absorbed" attack if you change armors in any battles after the battle you "absorbed" the attack.

  • 5) During the next battle, or any after that, select the Lv 10 ability again. You will mimic the attack that you "absorbed". The specifics of what you will mimic are: Element, # of hits, Damage Type (Melee/Ranged/Magic), base and random damage, and BtH.

Special effects, such as life drain or MP damage, are not mimicked. You can only use the mimicked attack once.