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Quests are events that allow the player to battle monsters and gain rewards, with some exceptions. Most quests contain some sort of internal story.

Quests are one of most important aspects of AdventureQuest's game-play. There are hundreds of quests that a person may choose from to play, and every week one is added to the game.

Most recent quests have a reward for completing it; these include weapons, armors, spells, shields, pets, and miscs. Some older quests have either no reward aside from monster battles, or have a temporary item instead of a permanent item the player can use.


There are two/three types:

  • Normal quests - Quests than involve...
  • Random Adventure - Simple quest where the player only fight a monster to obtain gold and experience points.
  • War quests - Quests that involve a war....
  • Cutscene - Quests that only present dialogue....
  • Class quests - Series of quest that are to be completed to gain levels (and skills) in a determined class armor.

Quest chain

A quest chain is a closely tied group of events that are either a part of the encompassing storyline of the game, or simply a part of side story that is available through or related to a non-playable character, generally both, that has less weight on Lore's history (e.g. Zorbak's Hideout).

Quest chains vary in level of importance, connectivity and length. Some of them are merely two-to-three quests long, while others include ten or more quests. The latter are usually known as sagas revolve around tightly connected events with a beginning and an end (e.g. The Bizarre Flecks Saga)

The longest, and arguably most important, quest chain is the Devourer Saga, with over 74 quests and lasting effect on many other sagas during and after it.