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In the language of at least one race we are all human, including your own kind, the elves, the orcs, the dwarves, the brilhado and the moglin. We are all people, Minister.
Ryuusei Cartwright, Double Take

In AdventureQuest, a race is any sentient species, as per tradition in fantasy tropes. Though generally humanoid (i.e. they have an appearance resembling a human being in some way), the many races from the AdventureQuest multiverse (and most of Artix Entertainment games) are very varied in their physiology and culture, sometimes even taking on the beast-like appearances. The essential property that may identify them as a race is their sentience—that is, the ability of an organism or entity to act with wisdom and appropriate judgement, a mental faculty and component of intelligence. It may also referred to as "self-awareness" or "consciousness".

Either through natural or magical means, most races are able to interbreed, resulting in half-breeds. At least one race is the result of generalised interbreeding between two different races (i.e. the Vartai).

The world of Lore is a place of much diversity to its races, with many of them claiming small territories or habitats, instead of a generalised presence throughout the continents. Only five of its races—the Dragons, the Drakel, the Githari, the Moglins and the Human—have been considered "Great Races", because of their numbers and their agency in Lore's affairs for much of the world's history. Lore is also home to four sub-races (the Vampires, the Lycans, the Werepyres and Dracopyres), as well as groups of non-Lorian races, like the Brilhado, who have migrated from other worlds.

Throughout the multiverse, many races recur, be it the humans, the dragons, or the elves, appearing in realms as different as Lore, Caelestia and Terra.

Known Races

Known Sub-races