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The world is yours for the taking as a rogue... but you'll need to watch your back all the way!

Rogue Class is a Class quest to become a Rogue, available through Robina's Shop or Krovesport on the Travel Map. Its trainer is Valencia Surehunter, a Rogue who is one of Lore's best-known Rare Item hunters.

It is an update in structure and monster encounters to the old quest.



This small city is world-famous because within its small area live an incredibly large number of well-known Rogues.

It is said that if you were to walk along the Main Street of Krovesport at night, alone, you would be robbed twice, conned once, and stabbed thrice before you made it from one door to the next.

But don't let that old saying scare you. Not all Rogues live to stab and thieve. Some can be quite honorable. That's why YOU have come here, after all! To train as an honorable Rogue... right?


Valencia: I am a rare item hunter. But before I found my true calling, which I do for fun and profit, I was just another average rogue trying to make my way in the world.

  • Quest!
  • What is a Rogue?
Valencia: A rogue is someone who looks out for themselves first and foremost. Whether you're a treasure hunter like me, a theif, a pirate or mercnary... us rogues live on the edge of society.
Valencia: To be a good Rogue, you need to have high dexterity, a good bit of intelligence and charisma and a hefty amount of luck on your side.
Valencia: Since Rogues live on the fringes, it's hard to trust a lot of us. But most of us have our own codes that we live by.
Valenica: Some can't be trusted at all, like thieves, but others live by their word, like Rangers. The world is yours for the taking as a rogue... but you'll need to watch your back all the way!
  • Rogue Shop - (Opens Rogue Shop. See below.)
Valencia: You may see what is available in my shop whenever you wish! Special rare items might appear from time to time!
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Rogue Shop


Dependable Blade of Rennd
Black Axe
Robust Blade of Rennd
Storm Bow
Dire Black Axe
Heian Bow
Paramount Blade of Rennd


Rogue Outfit
Dracomancer Armor
Knight Armor


Dependable Shield of Rennd
Robust Shield of Rennd
Paramount Shield of Rennd


Summon Squirrel


  • This class quest was released on January 24, 2005, and updated at an unknown date.

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