Ryuusei Cartwright
Race: Vesperian
Gender: Male
Affiliation: The'Galin
Appears in: The Bizarre Flecks Saga, Absol-ution Saga
Location: Unknown
Until I have learned for sure if he is alive or dead I cannot rest. None of us are safe until we know for sure...
—Ryuusei Cartwright, Bizarre Flecks Prologue

Ryuusei Cartwright is an analog to Main Lore's Cartwright, who has been searching his counterpart through many different realities, in the company of his son, Gaiden.

Appearance and Personality

This Ryuusei lacks the moustache and beard that our Lore's Cartwright has, also having a different personality. He also is used to


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However, in his search, his son Gaiden Cartwright was kidnapped by Xitra Regeirk, and it became his utmost priority to find him back before Gaiden got corrupted. He stumbled upon our Lore after escaping from Xitra Regeirk from the encounter, which in turned helped him find both Gaiden and Cartwright.

Ryuusei has been plagued by nightmares, seeing his analog die in each of them and being reduced to bones. The nightmares have caused him to lose much needed sleep, depleting his energy and causing his hair to gray. He passed away from ill health (cancer) in Absol-ution IV, but not before delivering a message to our Lore's Cartwright. However, he was brought back to life by our Lore's Cartwright in the quest's epilogue, and has recohered with him, merging the two entities to one. This has allowed him to remain strong despite having cancer, with only bits of our Lore's Cartwright remaining within him. He has also taken up the mantle as the avatar of The`Galin.

In Battle

He appears as a guest in several quests.

Powers and abilities

Cartwright possess some knowledge of necromancy and the Cold, but states that his analog bested him in these fields (Double Take). He does Ice-damage as a guest.



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