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Sage Uldor (Quest)
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Sage Uldor, also known as Epic Quest 1, is the first quest of the Devourer Saga. It requires level 2.


On Warlic's suggestion, the Chosen goes to the town of Battleon where he finds Sage Uldor in Yulgar's Inn. The sage tells him of an unknown enemy who is partially controlling the Ethereal Realm and is interfering with his ability to see the future. As he is attacked by an Undead Ribber, he asks the Chosen to go to Darkovia Forest to enquire about the origins of the Red Fog, which he complies.


The Archmage Warlic points you back in the direction of Battleon, where you must meet the wise Sage Uldor. For what reason you do not know, but you have a feeling that Uldor will be expecting you...

«Scene: Battleon Inn

Sage Uldor: My name is Uldor. I may be blind, but I see all! Your fate, my friend, is very interesting...
«You»: I'm not really here to learn about my fate this time, Sage. Warlic sent me here so that I could begin a journey. He said my path would be revealed along the way.
Sage Uldor: Warlic is a powerful wizard, but he is not a sage. His ability to foresee is limited by his reliance on magical methods. My abilities are of a different origin.
«You»: What do you mean?
Sage Uldor: I was born blind, but was able from the beginning to see into the future of those near me. As a child this would have driven me insane... I would have been sent to an asylum—or worse—if it hadn't been for the kindness and patience of an individual I am most thankful for.
«You»: And who was that?
Sage Uldor: A Drakel named K'talith.
«You»: !!???
Sage Uldor: I am a sage, but I do not read minds. Yet I know what you are thinking.
«You»: I bet you do! I thought the Drakel were only a selfish warlike race.
Sage Uldor: The Drakel, as all of the races, consists of more than one group. They are the oldest of the intelligent races of Lore--

Sage Uldor gets struck by a blast from behind.

«You»: Whoa! Sage Uldor!!!

Full Heal

Sage Uldor: Are those monsters gone?
«You»: They have been defeated. But I've never seen anything like them before! Now, I'm used to being randomly attacked by monsters, but I'd like to know one thing:
«You»: Just how did they surprise us like that when YOU are a SAGE?? You should have predicted they would be here!
Sage Uldor: This confirms the suspicions that both Warlic and I have had recently. There must indeed be some force out there that neither of us are able to detect.
Sage Uldor: Someone or something that is able to partially control the Ethereal Realm, so that even I cannot sense its actions.
«You»: I'm not even going to pretend I understand that.
Sage Uldor: I will meet you again soon. But first, you might want to journey to the easternmost point of Darkovia Forest.
Sage Uldor: There you will find someone who knows the answer to a question that is important to us.
«You»: Who will I find?
Sage Uldor: That I cannot tell you, for it may affect the outcome. But the question you must ask is: What is the source of the Red Fog?
«You»: ............
Sage Uldor: Now---Go!

  • Sure!


[This quest was revised with updated tiers in March 2020. The following information may not reflect current gameplay.]


  • This quest was originally given out by Warlic at a Travel Map location called "The Epic Quest."
  • This quest was released on July 29th, 2005, alongside The Red Fog.

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