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Battles between heals
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Level 1 - Orcish Tactics

Having studied the ways of the orcs -- and borrowed a few of their tools -- you can now channel your attacks through different weapons.

Cost: Free

Level 2 - Zeelskin

You added some zeel hide to your robes, making them more resistant to the elements.

Level 3 - Lycan Boost

For a small amount of hp and sp your strength,dexterity, and endurance is increased by 5 and does not end a turn.

Level 4 - Vampire's Charm

Just like Lycan Boost, but an increase for luck, charisma, and intellect.

level-5:Zard Prism: You are able to change your attack type from element to element highly recommended if you are missing some weapon types.

level-6:Demons Guard: It works as an extra shield.

level-7:Shifters Smarts:Increases you luck,charisma, and intellect by 10.

level-8:Draconic Might:Increases Strength, Endurance, and Dextirity by 10.

level-9:Wailing Blow: Damages enemy's Mana instead of HP.

level-10:Gogg's Gift:

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