Scholar robes are similar to Generalist robes. The difference is that the abilities are all either toggled or passives.

The scholar abilities fully unlocked

Class level 1 orcish tactics

With this ability, you can switch between range(crossbow) mage, and swordsmen melee. To switch,  you click on the ability in the scholar skills menu. Orcish tactics is when you use your normal weapon. this does NOT effect your weapons special.

The melee orcish tactics attack

Class level 2 Zeel skin

Zeel skin is a passive ability. it allows you to have stronger elemental protection.

Class level 3 Lycan Power

It gives you more endurance, strength, and dexterity for the battle by 5.

Class level 4 Vampire's charm

Increases intellect charisma and luck by 5

Class level 5 Zard Prism

Allows you to choose the element needed in a battle out of the 8 elements they can resist or be weak to and changes your weapon to match what you choose.

Class level 6 Demon's Guard

Demon's guard is a passive ability. it allows you to have a weak version of the forest demons magically armor

Class level 7 Shifter's Smarts

This is a better version of Vampire's Charm

Class level 8 Draconic Might

This is a better version of Lycan Power.

Class level 9 Banshee Blow

Hits your enemy's mana instead of his hitpoints

Class level 10 Gogg's Gift

Gogg's Gift: 30 SP, Toggle; Switches defense and elemental defense to the best depending on opponent. Subtracts 10 from melee, ranged, and/ or magic depending on the opponent's attacks; adds 25% to elemental resistance depending on opponent's attacks. Multiple defenses and elements can be affected.


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