Ahhhhh yesss…. I sssee that Warlic has sent someone in his place to rescue the old wizard. You are too late, I fear...
Race: Naga
Gender: None
Affiliation: The Sinister 7
Appears in: The Devourer Saga
Location: The Dark Tower of Sila

Sila is a Naga, a half-human, half-serpent. She wants to control the worlds magical forces, and to do so she kidnaps Warlic's mentor, Xarymandias, to drain his powers and arcane knowledge, increasing her power by over tenfold but she is defeated by The Chosen and Xarymandias is rescued before she can completely absorb him.

Sila later joined the the Sinister 7 and received the Prime Light Orb, but she and the Sinister 7 was defeated by the Guardians of Lore.


  1. Mage Class
  2. Sinister 7 War
  3. The Temple of Hope
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