Soothsayer's Sacragon
Level: 45
Power Level: 45, Mastercraft
Price: 226 Gold
Sellback: 113 Gold
Location: Taladosian Relics!
Element: Energy
With the Taladosian research notes, you've created crime against nature of your very own! It'll use powerful Energy attacks, occasionally doing extra damage from a psionic overload!
Attack 1
Damage: 8-23 plus 298% stats.
Attack Type: Magic
BTH: +11
Hits: 3
Rate: 100%
Element: Energy
Attack 2
Attack 3
Attack 4

Mastercraft Bonus

Has a 10% chance of doing 150% damage*

Set Bonus


  • On each successful hit, the monster makes a save with a +0 bonus:

Level: PowerLvl vs MonsterLevel
Major: YourCHA vs MonsterCHA
Minor: YourLUK vs MonsterLUK

  • At the end of the attack, there is a 13.33% chance of attempting to Psionic Link** with the monster. This is an Energy Burn (1 round; power = # of failed saves). You heal HP equal to the damage dealt by the Burn/Link. Monster can resist***.
  • This stacks with† the Psionic Link from the Eye of the Sacragon misc item series, using the same stacking rules that the Eye uses.
*Psionic Overload!
** Your «Version Name»'s Sacragon creates a draining psionic link between you and your foe!
***Your foe resists your psionic drain.
†Your «Version Name»'s Sacragon's blast enhances the psionic link!	


Baby Sacragon.gif


If you spent 20 gold and gave your pet a name, then "Your «Version Name»" is what you named it. So if I named my Sacragon Cthnuggles, then it would say "Cthnuggles creates a draining psionic link between you and your foe!"

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