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The Stat points are skill points that help you in battle:

  • Strength(STR) gives the player more melee attack damage and hit chance; bonus weapon damage; and small initiative bonus
  • Endurance(END) gives the player more HP; incoming HP healing boost; and status resistance
  • Intellect(INT) gives the player magic attack damage and hit chance; more MP; and small initiative bonus
  • Charisma(CHA) gives the player's pet and guests more damage and hit chance
  • Dexterity(DEX) gives the player more ranged attack damage and hit chance; bonus dodge chance; and small initiative bonus
  • Luck(LUK) gives the player small bonus hit chance to all attacks; small dodge chance; large initiative bonus; and Lucky Strike damage

Training Stat Points (New)

Training stat points has recently become much easier. All you have to do now is go to Stat Trainers building in the BattleOn and click the "Training" button. Then you select a stat and add points in denominations of +5, +25 or +50 to it, then select another one which you want to improve and do similarly. When you are through with your skill points click the "Train" button. If you accidentally increase a skill, before pressing "Train" you can remove points from that skill in -5, -25 or -50 denominations. Training stats costs gold, and the more you increase a certain stat the more gold it costs to train it further. There is no longer the need of defeating a trainer to increase a stat and all stats can be trained to 250 now.

Untraining Stat Points (New)

Untraining stat points has also become much easier. Now it can be done in the Stats Training building in BattleOn by clicking the "Un-Training" button, entering your login password and clicking "Yes".

Training Stat Points (Old)

Outside of Battleon, there were three trainers (to reach them, you must have first spoken with Twilly, clicked hello, and then clicked "Visit the Stat Trainers." Later on they were relocated to the Stats trainers building in the BattleOn. There were three stat trainers you could visit:

  • Sir Lanceler: The basic trainer. He can train all stat points up to 75.
  • Grimweld: The advanced fighting trainer. He can train up to 200 STR, DEX and END.
  • Neberon: The advanced magic trainer. He can train up to 200 INT, LUK and CHA.

Untraining Stat Points (Old)

Somewhere in Lore were the undead remains of Sir Pwnsalot, the un-trainer. To find him, you must have either been a Guardian (in which case you used the portal in the Guardian Tower) or you died and enter one of the portals in Death's domain (after agreeing to hunt down his hourglasses). Sir Pwnsalot differed from the other trainers not only in that he removed stat points, but also because you must have lost to him in a fight in order to be untrained. Should you have beaten him, you would receive no reward or untraining.

He could untrain:

  • Weakness (-5 STR points)
  • Stupidity (-5 INT points)
  • Ugliness (-5 CHA points)
  • Unluckiness (-5 LUK points)
  • Clumsiness (-5 DEX points)
  • Weakness (-5 END points)