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Talk Like a Pirate Day!
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Ahoy there matey! Egad! Be it that time o' the year already?
—Captain Rhubarb

Talk Like A Pirate Day! is an event that occurs every September 19 (reachable from the "Today's Event" button), and can be reached any other day via the teleporting potion in Warlic's shop. It is hosted by Captain Rhubarb.

Players can also find Hippocampus somewhere on this quest, and access Rats O' War!, Trobble on the High Seas! and Captain Munch Attacks! quests.


The features six choices, which were made available in different years (?):

  • Take the Pirate Quiz Challenge ('06) - In this option, Captain Rhubarb quizzes the adventurer on various pirate facts. If they answer right, they get a point. If not, they are thrown overboard to fight a random level-appropriate sea monster (and can continue the quiz if they win). If the player obtains 20 points, they gain access to Rhubarb's special shop, and the option to bring the parrot along as a guest (Guardians get Captain Rhubarb himself). The challenge can be ended at any particular time.
  • Whoa-- You're Mean, Captain! - Selecting this option will cause Captain Rhubarb to force the player's character to walk the plank. They will face a level-appropriate fight against a random Water monster, and be returned to Rhubarb upon completion of the fight.
  • Rats O' War! ('08) - Blackwhiskers the Pie-Rat has seized control of Rhubarb's ship, the Red Betty, and is using an army of BURPs and Pirate and Ninja mercenaries to maintain control. The player's job is to defeat the BURPs, mercenaries, and Blackwhiskers himself. One can either go it alone, or take one of the following characters as a companion: Artix, Mercuria, Vince, Galanoth, or Rhubarb.
  • Trobble on the High Seas! ('07) - A fairly simple mission: to blast Floyd the Trobble from a cannon. This will distract the monsters on a nearby island while the player's character swims down and collects a hefty treasure chest from some underwater caves.
  • Captain Munch Attacks! ('09) - Captain Munch, a disgruntled lizard-pirate with a hatred of all mamallian life, invades Lolosia, and it is up to you to drive him and his reptillian crew back into the sea. You will face seven battles with reptillian creatures of an aquatic bent, so plan accordingly!




Captain Rhubarb: Ahoy there matey! Egad! Be it that time o' the year already? It’s Talk Like a Pirate Week -- when even a lily-livered land lubber like yerself can sing a shanty and splice the mainbrace. Or can ye? Test yer mettle with me PIRATE QUIZ! Talk the talk, or walk... the plank! Harrr harrr harr!

  • Take the Pirate Quiz Challenge
Captain Rhubarb: Shiver me timbers! Yer braver than I thought! The rules be simple. Answer me question right and get a point.... Answer wrong and walk the plank! You can keep going, but ye can't heal.
Earn 20 points and ye can access me special Pirate Shop or even take that annoying noisy parrot with ye on your journeys today. His insults have been known to drive monsters crazy far and wide!
  • Anything Else?
Captain Rhubarb: Of course thar is!
If ye are a GUARDIAN, ye won't have to take that parrot with ye-- I'LL go with ye for some adventuring! And bring along some of me own favorite pets, arrr!
Plus, THIS year I have some SPECIAL ITEMS for ye!
  • Start the Challenge
  • Back
  • Whoa-- you're mean, Captain!
Captain Rhubarb: Ho ho ho... mean am I? Use yer deadlights matey, I'm a pirate! Now....
Fair winds matey!
  • HEY!!!!!!
1 BATTLE: Random Water Monster
  • RATS O' WAR! - Accepts Rats O' War! quest.
  • TROBBLE ON THE HIGH SEAS! - Accepts Trobble on the High Seas! quest.
  • CAPTAIN MUNCH ATTACKS! - Accepts Captain Munch Attacks! quest.
  • Return to Town

Rhubarb's Eyepatch
Rhubarb's Hat
Anywhere else on Rhubarb
The parrot
The trobble
The boat itself
The barrels (inside one is the rare Hippocampus Rider Armor)
The sky
As of 2015's Talk Like a Pirate Day, you can click on the chest Rhubarb stands on. Doing so will trigger a battle between you and the Captain. Defeating him will reward you with a Treasure Horde.

Pirate Quiz

The questions and the (correct) answers:

  • What's a Buccaneer? - «A Carribean Pirate.»
  • What is Scurvy? - «A disease (Take vitamin C).»
  • When a pirate says "No Quarter!" he means... - «Take no prisoners!»
  • Were pirates bad guys or what? - «Sure they were!»
  • What is 'chum'? - «Chopped up raw fish bait.»
  • What part of the pirate ship is aft? - «The rear.»
  • What does it mean for a sailor to be 'addled'? - «To be crazy or mad.»
  • What is a 'landlubber'? - «Someone who is not a sailor.»
  • When were pirates made to 'walk the plank'? - «When they disobeyed the captain.»
  • What is a spyglass? - «A handheld telescope.»
  • What is on the Jolly Roger flag? - «A skull and crossbones»
  • What was a 'yellow jack'? - «A yellow flag warning of illness aboard a ship»
  • What is Davy Jones' Locker? - «The bottom of the sea»
  • When a pirate says "Ahoy!" he means: - «Greetings!»
  • What does 'Old Salt' mean? - «An experienced sailor»
  • What do Pirates usually NOT keep in their treasure chests? - «Gold»
  • Is Johnny Depp a good actor? - «It's a matter of opinion»
  • Because a pirate's career is dangerous, how long does his career usually last? - «2 to 5 years»
  • What should you wear for 'Talk like a Pirate Day'? - «Normal, everyday clothing»
  • Did pirates really bury treasure and make maps? Answer: - «Why bury it when you could spend it on rum?»
  • Did pirates really have parrots as pets? - «Aye, they could talk!»
  • What is a 'poop deck'? - «The highest deck at ship's rear.»
  • What is a cutlass? - «A pirate sword»
  • What was the actual number of reported pirate attacks in the first three months of 2006? - «61»
  • What does 'pirate booty' mean? - «Hoarded treasure»
  • What is 'grub'? - «Both 1 and 2 (eeew!)»
  • What did the (Pirates) drink? - «Grog, a mixture of rum and water»
  • How were pirate captains picked? - «They were elected by crew members»
  • Buccaneers became expert marksman with their: - «long-barreled muskets»
  • What is the trobble's name? - «Floyd»
  • What us a 'bung hole'? - «An opening in a barrel»
  • Who started 'Talk like a Pirate Day'? - «John Baur and Mark Summers»
  • What does 'Shiver me Timbers' mean? - «An expression of surprise»
  • What does maroon mean? - «To be left alone on an island»
  • What does shipshape mean? - «Everything is orderly and neat»
  • Which of the following is an actual kind of pirate ship? - «A corvette»
  • What does 'starboard' mean? - «The right side of a ship»
  • In the golden age of piracy, how was 'pirate' spelled? - «Pyrate»
  • What is the Jolly Roger? - «A pirate flag»
  • How did they spell pirates in the old days? - «It always changed; most people were illiterate»
  • How did pirates hold onto there pistols better? - «Wrapping them with ribbons»
  • "Hoist the colors" means? - «To raise the flags»
  • Who was a "monkey powder"? - «Boy who put gunpowder in cannons»
  • To be pirate is to... - «commit crimes at sea»
  • What would pirates call empty bottles? - «Dead men»
  • What was one of the most common shipboard diseases? - «Scurvy»
  • What is a pirates favorite bird? - «Parrot»
  • What happens if you wistle on board of ship? - «A thunderstorm will begin»
  • What does it mean "walk the plank"? - «To walk of the side of the ship»
  • The modern US dollar sign ($) comes from symbols on witch piece of pirate currency? - «Pieces of eight»
  • Where did the name "buccaner" come from? - «Because early pirates cooked on a buccans»
  • What did the pirates call a ship they touch over? - «Prize»
  • Why do pirates pierce their ears with gold and silver? - «To help them see better»
  • What is a barker? - «A pistol»
  • What do you call a pirate who has permission to loot hostile ships? - «Privateer»
  • Why did pirates wear eyepatches? - «To help them see in the dark»
  • What do pirates think about woman on board ships? - «They were bad luck»
  • What is another name for the hangman? - «Jack Ketch»
  • What did pirates believe a pierced ear would improve? - «Luck with opposite sex»
  • Captain Rhubarb's ship - «Red Betty»

«If you answer correctly:»

Captain Rhubarb: CORRECT! ANSWER
Good job! That'll add one more point to yer scorrrrrrrrrrrrrre!
  • Next Question

«If you answer wrong:»

Captain Rhubarb: WRONG! ANSWER
Feed the fish!
Heh heh... In the drink with ye! Better hold yer breath!
  • Walk the Plank....
Battle 1 Random Water Monster

«If you earn 20 points:»

Captain Rhubarb: Haha!
I admit it, I was skeptical at first… but I would sail these waters with ye any day of the week matey!
You receive Petey the Parrot automatically.
Captain Rhubarb: Visit me new PIRATE SHOP and get some new garb and one of me favorite cutlasses! Then ye can either take me talking parrot or ME on yer adventures!
  • Pirate Shop!
  • More Questions!!!!!!!
  • No thanks - (Back to Battleon)
Captain Rhubarb: Now, ye have some choices t'make! Take me parrot with ye, or if you're a Guardian, I'LL go with ye on yer adventures.
  • Take the parrot!
  • Take Captain Rhubarb!
  • Pirate Shop!
  • More Questions!!!!!!!
  • No thanks - (Back to Battleon)

Pirate Shop


Assailing Blade Z [L. 4 Z, 92 Z]
Porthole Slasher [L. 6, 22, 46, 65, 82, 102, 124, 135 | 146 G]
Oyster Mace [L. 8, 48, 68, 128]
Sea Scourge [L. 10, 60, 110 | 85 Z | 35 G, 135 G]
Scurvy Blade [L. 11]
Scurvy Blade [L. 11 G]
Rusty Hook [L. 12 Z]
Piraxe [L. 15, 55, 75, 115, 135]
Assailing Blade [L. 22, 42, 62, 82, 102, 122, 132 | 142 G]
Oyster Mace Z [L. 28 Z]
Kelp Scythe [L. 30]
Scurvy Blade [L. 31]
Pointy Hook [L. 32 Z]
Guardian Piraxe [L. 35 G, 95 G]
Seaquake Scythe [L. 50]
Scurvy Blade [L. 51]
Sharpened Hook [L. 52 G]
Barrrnacle Reaper [L. 70]
Scurvy Blade [L. 71]
Gashing Hook [L. 72 Z]
Guardian Oyster Mace [L. 88 G, 148 G]
King Tide Reaper [L. 90 G]
Scurvy Blade [L. 91]
Scurvy Blade [L. 91 G]
Flensing Hook [L. 92 Z]
Great Blue Reaper [L. 110]
Scurvy Blade [L. 111]
Serrated Hook [L. 112 G]
Maritime Terror Reaper [L. 130]
Scurvy Blade [L. 131]
Zcurvy Blade [L. 131 Z]
Eviscerating Hook [L. 132 Z]
Wicked Hook [L. 142 Z]
Megalodon Reaper [L. 150 G]


Black Pirate Costume [L. 19, 39, 59, 79, 99, 119, 129 | 139 G, 149 G]
Yellow Pirate Costume [L. 19, 39, 59, 79, 99, 119, 129 | 139 G, 149 G]
Red Pirate Costume [L. 19, 39, 59, 79, 99, 119, 129, | 139 G, 149 G]


Conch Shield [L. 12, 32, 52, 72, 92, 112, 132]


Undertow [L. 60]
Riptide [L. 80]
Drag [L. 100]
Downwell [L. 120]
Eddy [L. 140 G]
Whirlpool [L. 150 G]


Bucanneer Monkey [L. 5, 16, 38, 62, 82, 98, 118, 128 | 138 G, 148 G]
Buccaneer Trobble [5, 25, 45, 65, 85, 105, 125 | 145 G]


Pirate Hat Z [L. 11 Z]
Pirate Hat [L. 45, 70, 95, 120]
Guardian Pirate Hat [L. 120 G, 145 G]

House Items

Trobble at Night
Aquella's Portrait
Ruisha Gibet Portrait
Captain Rhubarb Portrait


  • This event was released on September 19, 2004, and received several updates since then.
  • For the 2005 event, Guardians received Captain Rhubarb as a guest for getting 20 points in the quiz.
  • In the Old version, there was no access to the Pirate Shop, and Captain Rhubarb's initial dialogue was:

Captain Rhubarb: Ahoy there matey! Begad! Be it the 19th of September already? It’s Official Talk like a pirate day! Ye knew that didn’t ye? It be the one day of the year where even a lilly livered land lubber like yerself can sing a shanty and splice the mainbrace. Or can ye? Test yer mettle with me PIRATE QUIZ! Talk the talk. Or walk… the plank! Harrr harrr harr!

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